Thursday, February 28, 2019

Nulo Freeze Dried Dog Food | #chewyinfluencer

In case you're new here and didn't already know, Venus, our chihuahua mix, and myself are part of the Chewy Influencer program, which means each month we get to try something new that Chewy has to offer in their online store. has a wide variety of pet food ranging from wet to dry to raw to freeze dried, as well as treats, toys, and other pet supplies for cats, dogs, and more!

For the month of February our family was given the opportunity to try out some freeze-dried dog food from Nulo. Of the varieties available, we received the Grain-Free Duck Recipe With Pears Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food.
This item is a press sample, received in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion of the product.

Nulo is a brand completely new to us - we've never tried any of their foods or treats for cats or dogs previously - so I was super excited to give this a try. Years ago we fed Venus raw and she did great on that diet, it just unfortunately grew to be too expensive full-time where we were living. Right now it's something I have thought about, but I prefer to make her homemade food and supplement with store bought foods. This balance has been working well for her, and in the midst of that mixture, she really loves the freeze dried foods she's tried in between, so I hoped this would be a winner too!

I was thrilled to see such a great ingredients list on this packaging. Lots of meat and whole foods! Something else I really liked was that this freeze dried food was in pellet form, instead of the traditional patties or large nuggets I've previously seen. While it's not a big issue since freeze dried foods break apart easily, it was nice having bits that were perfectly sized for our little girl, and I could even use them as treats!

Overall the Nulo Freeze Dried Dog Food was a huge hit with Venus, one that may become a permanent addition to her rotation!

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