Friday, August 3, 2018

ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Solution Review | #ChewyInfluencer

In case you're new here and didn't already know, Venus, Mittens, and myself are part of the Chewy Influencer program, which means each month Venus gets to try something new that Chewy has to offer in their online store. has a wide variety of pet food ranging from wet to dry to raw to freeze dried, as well as treats, toys, and other pet supplies for cats, dogs, and more!

We were recently given the opportunity to try out the ThunderShirt for Dogs with Venus. There are several options available as far as colors and sizes, but we received the Pink Polo version in the size Small.

Please note that this item is a press sample, received in exchange for an honest review. This does not in any way influence my opinion of this product, but something I want to mention just so my readers are aware.

The idea behind the ThunderShirt is that the soft jersey-knit fabric wraps around your pets' body like a hug - applying a calming amount of pressure to their body during a potentially traumatic event (such as thunderstorms, fireworks, separation, travel, etc). We did test a ThunderShirt back in 2013 with our other chihuahua who has since passed on, Ocean, to help her adjust to living with us. I was excited, especially with the 4th of July approaching, to have the opportunity to test this product again with Venus, who has become increasingly more stressed over certain situations and sounds as she's gotten older.

The ThunderShirt was easy to put on Venus - the wrap fastens with large pieces of strong hook-and-loop, allowing you to make this a quick and simple job for even anxious pets. The material is soft, and doesn't seem to bother Venus at all. It's also easy to throw in the washer (though I do recommend a mesh bag so the velcro doesn't stick to anything else) and keep clean. A new feature on this shirt that was not on the old one I had is a small black patch by the collar to add a few drops of calming essential oil to help calm your pet as well. I thought this was a nice touch, though I haven't tested it out yet.

Our experience with the ThunderShirt has been nothing but positive. I mentioned it's easy to apply, and easy to clean - but it really does help calm Venus during storms, and was an absolutely necessity for the couple weeks surrounding Independence Day when we could hear fireworks from town and neighboring farms late at night.

Thank you Chewy for sending us such a great product - it's going to continue to come in very handy with Venus!

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  1. This fabric wraps calming solution look great on Venus :D. I use HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN liquid drops from CanadaVetExpress. It works fine but I need some easy solution. This ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Solution looks promising.
    Thank you Samantha for this blog :).

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