Monday, April 30, 2018

Life Update | April 2018

I don’t even know where to begin at this point. I feel like no matter what happens in my life the first thing to take a hit and sit on the back burner is this blog. I love this blog - I love sharing thoughts and reviews with you all, and I love the feeling it gives me when my thoughts are enlightening to someone else. And yet, here we are - my New Years Resolution to post once a week down the drain, again. I’d like to promise that things are looking up and I’ll be back posting again regularly soon, but we all know how that story ends. So today you’re just getting a life update from me, and from here we’ll see how things go.

Late March Bug was officially diagnosed with ADHD. I am overjoyed to have a medical diagnosis on his file because he can finally get extra help through his school as special education cut him off at age seven. He also started medication - something I was completely on the fence about but as his doctor pointed out, this is a crucial age for him in school, so a small dosage of something to help his ability to focus will definitely do more food than not right now. He’s had small improvements so far in school, but they’re also working with him more and I see his attitude towards school in general improving as well.

I started Keto in the first week of April. I wanted to try Whole 30 - I purchased a book, I made so many notes, but it came down to cost of repurchasing everything in our household and I just couldn’t do it. Keto on the other hand, I can do with basic things I already buy, and my family doesn’t need to suffer because of it (literally laughing right now at the thought of my son and husband trying to survive without potato chips). I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, and plan to stick to Keto until August before bumping up my carb intake a bit. Right now my goal is to consume 25g of carbs or less a day, and I can’t tell you how good it feels! I’m noticing a lot less pain in my joints, I feel less sluggish, and my skin is clearing up! I’m not sure what I’ll bump to in few months, I’ll assess that once I see what kind of progress I’ve made at that point.

Last week Bug was also diagnosed with an ocular defect of sorts. His optometrist called it a lazy eye, but it’s not a muscular issue, it’s that he’s actually almost blind in one eye so his brain has abandoned trying to see out of it. His eyes and ears get checked twice a school year so I don’t know how this was missed until now, but we have a very small window to try and correct it. We ordered him glasses, and he’ll have to wear a patch over his good eye a few hours a day to force his brain to get in the habit of using his bad eye. Our hope is to possibly slightly improve the sight in his bad eye, and give his brain the opportunity to use both eyes at all times instead of dominating with his good eye. This was not the news I was expecting from this appointment, and really turned me into a depressed and emotional mess the past week.

But for anyone curious, we’re hanging in there! I’ve had my focus on skincare decants when Bug is in school, hubby is really loving his job (still not missing trucking), and Bug is being a real trooper. Venus and Miss Kitty are still getting along great, and the ducks are loving all this warmer weather we're getting. I hope you’re all doing wonderful!

xo Samantha

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I and Love and You Canned Cat Food | #chewyinfluencer

In case you're new here and didn't already know, Venus, Kitty, and myself are part of the Chewy Influencer program, which means each month Venus gets to try something new that Chewy has to offer in their online store. has a wide variety of pet food ranging from wet to dry to raw to freeze dried, as well as treats, toys, and other pet supplies for cats, dogs, and more!

We recently had the opportunity to try out I and Love and You Grain-Free Canned Cat Food from Chewy, and I'd like to share a few thoughts about our experience.
This item is a press sample, received in exchange for an honest review.