Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! | Resolutions + Giveaway

I can hardly believe 2017 has already passed us by. I also can't believe how much I let things slip through my fingers for a whole year - how much I pushed dreams aside and let my ambition pretty much wash away. We moved into my family's homestead from the 1800's right before Christmas of 2016, and I've spent a lot of my time focused on family and pets that I used to spend on blogging - but I want to mange my time better and be more present on my blog in 2018.

A lot has changed this year though! Bug started Kindergarten, and after he returns to school from the holiday break he'll be receiving less help from IEP because he's progressed so well - I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of him. We also brought ducks onto the farm - and they've been so fun to watch and interact with, and it's great no longer having to buy eggs. My husband started a new career - after 17 years of driving truck, he is now a truck management and excavation supervisor for a building company here. Things are finally starting to fall into place, and I want to take this relief as a sign that I don't need to worry so much, and can start to focus on what I love again.

In 2018 I want to have a blog post up once a week. I've had a lot of people reach out and ask if I've reviewed certain products, or questions about older reviews, and I want to start dedicating regular time each week to either a new review or to revisiting older reviews and even comparing similar products from my ever-growing stash of skincare. I hope you all don't mind my once-a-month dog product review, because I love including Venus in my blog as well. I am considering incorporating my planner hobby into blog posts more often too! If you follow my Instagram, you've seen that I use a Happy Planner, and it really has been a great outlet for me to keep myself on track be it with home, mental health, my family... I really couldn't imagine not using it now.

In 2018 I also want to be more open about my mental health, my physical health, and the fact that I need a support system. Too long I've tried to make everything "ok" on my own, and I've tried to push aside a reality of self-harm because I feel the need to keep things bottled up inside for fear of offending someone else. I want people who struggle like I do to know that there's always someone here. There's a bar here on my blog with social media links - reach out if you need to talk! Send me a message on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter. Email me. Just don't ever think you are alone.
I also plan to try The Whole 30 Program as of February 1st, in conjunction with my regular use of Thrive, and work on dropping a few more pounds, and hopefully helping my fibromyaligia too.

So for the new year, I want to hear what you'd like to see from me! Are you looking for a specific product review? Something different in the decanted skincare offerings? Have ideas about my 2018 skincare routine video? I'd love to know!

Details you need to know:
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  1. Product comparisons would be amazing, I tend to utilize those the most in my buying habits. Aside from skincare products, I'd be interested in posts about what you're doing for your sense of well-being. Like the Whole 30 Program and how it actually works out for you.

    1. I can definitely do that! I've never tried a diet program before, I've only tried just logging what I eat. I'm excited to see what results come of it!

  2. I would like to know more about how to put together a routine while evaluating what works best for your skin and what that looks like in real life.

  3. I would like to see some more KBeauty! Love your mask and serum reviews!

  4. I see a lot of reviews, but I feel like product comparisons would be a great addition!