Monday, December 11, 2017

Holy Snails Camo Shark Sauce

I've been slowly trying different products from Holy Snails over the past couple years, and while I enjoy using many of them, I've never actually posted a review of anything here. Why? I have no idea. I know my blog has really taken a back burner since our family moved a year ago, and now that life is starting to fall more into place I plan to give my once favorite spot for thoughts and opinions much more love and attention with the start of 2018 than I have for pretty much all of 2017.

Moving along...

The Camo Shark Sauce from Holy Snails is what Chel (owner and creator of Holy Snails) offered as a Sauce Du Mois (shark sauce of the month) for November. I initially planned to have this review up before the end of November so you all could use it as a reference to purchase it or not while it was still available, but my health took a bit of a turn downward and I found myself functioning on low gear for the past several weeks. Again, I digress...

Each Sauce Du Mois offers a twist on the original Shark Sauce (which does not contain sharks, but is a homage to Fiddy, a dear friend of Chel). Luckily enough, for the month of December Chel is offering several different past Sauce Du Mois varieties and Camo Shark is still currently available!

Camo Shark Sauce includes camel milk (a natural probiotic that softens and brightens skin) and chamomile (to soothe sensitive and irritated skin), along with the traditional niacinamide and licorice that brighten and even out skin tone found in the Original Shark Sauce.

I enjoy the texture of the Camo Shark, which is like a liquid gel consistency that is easy to dispense from the squeeze bottle without making a mess and even easier to apply. I don't detect much of a scent when I use it, but I can almost smell a slight earthy chamomile scent sometimes.

I'm hesitant to admit this, because Holy Snails offers so many different items, and so many different spins in their Sauce Du Mois offering - but I think Camo Shark is my favorite to date. My skin is combo, acne prone, and starting to show minor signs of aging - and Camo Shark has done an incredible job at calming acne redness and inflammation! I have noticed over the past month of trying out Camo Shark that my acne and hyper-pigmentaion from acne spots seem to heal more quickly as well, and my skins' texture does feel more smooth (though to be fair I do use actives in my routine as well).

I'm thrilled that Camo Shark will be around for a while longer, because I'll definitely be picking up more! I hope that it might even make a return appearance in the future, because I personally find it to be a great option for acne-prone skin.

If you've never purchased from Holy Snails before, and would like to try one of Chel's amazing products (including the Camo Shark Sauce), you can use my referral link to receive 10% off your purchase!

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