Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Made a Dashboard for my Traveler's Notebook!

I've been falling in love with the idea of bullet journalling, being addicted to making lists and all... And decided a traveler's notebook would be a great way to still decorate and have fun while being about to make my bujo lists, trackers, and collections. One of the ways I am already having a blast decorating with it dashboards.

Dashboards are a wrap-around cover for your inserts that allow you to label, decorate, or separate parts of your journal. They can also be nice for sticking post-it's on, or have folder slots for additional planner storage.

This particular dashboard is just to decorate my planner and make it more "me." I used some adorable kawaii food stickers I had been hoarding, some cardstock, a laminator, a ruler, and scissors. I have a quick walk-through of how I did it if you'd like to take a look!

Starting off with a piece of 12x12 cardstock (or scrapbook paper) I measured two rectangles each 8.25" x 4.25."

Next I placed the stickers on the "outside" sides of the cardstock, so there will be some on the front cover of the dashboard and some on the back cover of the dashboard.

After my stickers were in place, I plugged in my laminator so it could warm up, and I got my dashboard halves situated in the laminator pouch. I left a half inch between the two halves so there was room for it to bend around my inserts. Remember when placing the halves in the pouch, that your "back" will be on the left side and the "front" will be on the right side.

I fed the dashboard through the laminator twice to make sure it fully sealed around the stickers, since they stuck up a little bit. Then I cut around the dashboard using the blade of my scissors as a guide. I cut a small groove on the top and bottom of the dashboard spine so the band of my planner holds it better.

Then just slide it into your traveler's notebook, and you're done!

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