Friday, June 10, 2016

AHC Climax Pool Cleanser Review

You all know I love trying new cleansers, but I've been very good at practicing restraint in buying new ones lately as I've found a few that I really do love. The AHC Climax Pool Cleanser is one I bought while I was on my search. Did it live up to my expectations?

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A pool cleanser is a thick, syrupy cleanser that requires just a small amount to cleanse the skin. It's gummy texture pulls makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin with gentle massage onto dry skin, but if you use too much cleanser it becomes useless as it's too slippery and not gummy enough - so it does require some practice to perfect using.

The scent of the AHC Pool Cleanser is fresh - like a clean soapy smell. It's isn't too strong but it's definitely noticeable.

The cleanser is frosty white in color - not completely opaque but it does have a tinge of color to it.

As I mentioned above, it has a gummy, sticky texture. It's like a gel, but it's runny and reminds me a bit of honey but a little thinner.

Pool cleansers like this one are supposed to be great at removing makeup, but I'm not a regular wearer of makeup - so I can't judge how well this really does work in that department. For a light application of bb cream however, it works perfectly!

What I love most about this cleanser is it's ability to gently pull away dead flaky skin and loose clogs from within my pores. This is where it's gummy texture really comes into play.

While I do think this cleanser works well once you figure out exactly how much you need - for me, it's about a half tablespoon - it really pulls impurities and dirt from your skin. However, I receive the same type of results from my regular oil cleanser, so for me this isn't really necessary since oil cleansing requires less specific measuring and technique to get good results.

If you're interested in purchasing this cleanser for yourself, you can find it at Memebox*.

Have you tried this, or another pool cleanser before? What were your results?

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