Saturday, January 16, 2016

#Curology Update | 18 Weeks

Hello, 2016! Where did the last year go? We're nearly half way through January of the new year and I figured now would be a good time to finally give another update on how my skin is coping with Curology.

What is Curology?
Due to it's success and growth, Pocketderm has renamed itself as of 9/30/2015 to Curology to represent it's caring, curing, and healing it provides for its' patients. Curology is a tele-dermatology site that allows you to receive a prescription topical cream with three active ingredients to help you with your skin. You simply submit photos of your skin when you sign up, along with any additional information you think your dermatologist should know (and yes, the people helping you really are doctors!) and they review your photos and info to diagnosis your skin issues. Curology will curate a personalized cream for you with three out of the six active ingredients they have to offer for just $19.95 per month. You will automatically receive a new shipment of your prescription every 3 months, but if you need one sooner, you can request one from your provider. Your monthly fee for Curology not only covers your prescription, but also unlimited consultations with your provider. If you sign up using my referral link, you will receive your first month completely free!

In my first post about Curology I showed my face after neglecting it for most of the summer while struggling with depression, and how drastic of a change it made in my face after just 3 days.
My second post about Curology showed a two week update, where I noticed my cystic acne was improving and my scarring and hyper-pigmentation had greatly improved.
My last post about Curology was an eight week update, where I noticed my skin had mostly cleared up and I was only experiencing one or two cysts during my monthly time. At this time I also shared that my script was being changed to include Tretinoin.

I've been using Curology for almost 18 weeks total now, and my current Tretinoin script for 10 weeks.

I was warned by my derm (and the internet) that I would more than likely experience dryness, flaking, and purging. I must say that after two months my skin is still just as oily as ever, but I'm able to manage it with other skincare. My skin is already dehydrated, but I didn't find this dose of tret to be drying. Flakiness? No - I have one tiny spot (smaller than a dime) that peels a little every morning, but it's also an area that I have always gotten irritation, I think it's from my toothpaste and drooling at night. Purging? A little - I stopped using my acids when I started tret, and after a month of adjustment I reincorporated both my aha and bha, and that seemed to give the tret a running start once I applied afterwards, and everything working together seemed to help the remaining problems with my skin purge. My closed comedones have been merging and coming to a head and some cysts have been forming but healing rather quickly. My skin looks a little rough, but the texture is better, and my jawline is really improving.

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  1. Your skin is looking great!
    I love this progress report with pictures. So helpful to give an idea of how long it takes to see progress.

    I wish I could do this with the anti-aging prescription. Too bad time wins, always. I'm not seeing measurable progress in the wrinkles and volume area, just pores.