Monday, December 14, 2015

The Yeon #Memebox [Unboxing & Review]

The Yeon Box from Memebox USA

Front of info card.
Back of info card.
1. Jeju Hallabong Energy Heating Massage Deep Cleanse | Full-Size 224g ($18)
Description: A unique deep cleanser that warms to open the pores for an ultimate cleansing that leaves the skin unbelievably smooth and radiant. Fused with coconut and cactus extracts, the cleanser leaves skin moisturized long after cleansing.
Directions: Apply evenly over face, avoiding the eyes, and gently massage using fingertips and palms. Focus on the more porous areas such as the nose and cheeks. Rinse off with lukewarm water first, then do a final rinse with cool water to help tighten the cleansed pores.
This is what won me over and made me finally buy this box. Something about warming cleansers always make me think that my pores are going to magically be cleaned out and my skin will feel like it's in some amazing spa. While this cleanser wasn't quite *that* magical, this is a nice cleanser that warms gently without irritating the skin, and does a decent job removing face makeup (I don't recommend using it on the eyes due to the warming effect). 

The only issue I had with this cleanser was that the packaging didn't fit it well. It was too runny and the tube bottle didn't close securely enough. When placed on its bottom the cleanser would seep out, so I transferred it to a pump bottle and it works perfectly!

2. Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-One Serum | Full-Size 100ml ($21.50)
Description: This all in one serum combines essence+emulsion+serum to provide serious moisture and nutrition. Formulated with Hallabong extracts that are known to be rich in vitamins that brighten up the skin for a healthy complexion.
Directions: On a cleansed and toned face, pump a proper amount and apply over the face carefully in up and outward motions. Gently pat in the remaining product for full absorption.
I've used this serum before and while I love the citrus scent, I never found it to actually do anything for my skin. I tried this a bit again, and while I see nothing wrong with it, it's not something I'd purchase on it's own.

3. Jeju Hallabong Energy Cooling Sherbet Cream | Full-Size 100ml ($29)
Description: This delightfully nourishing cream is rich in vitamins that moisturize and protect the skin. Formulated with Hallabong fruits such as kiwi, orange, lemongrass and avocado extracts which promote healthy and moisturized skin.
Directions: After using a serum, take proper amount, apply over the face carefully and let it absorb into the skin. Rub hands together and wrap them around the face for best absorption.
This is a nice cream, that has a thicker gel consistency and the delicious citrus hallabong scent. It absorbed into my oily skin very well, and was light enough to be worn during the day.

4. Jeju Hallabong Energy Moisture Hand Cream Full-Size | 50ml ($4.50)
Description: This refreshing Hallabong-scented hand cream hydrates and nourishes dry hands.Vitamins from the Jeju Hallabong extracts protect the skin from dryness and locks in moisture with its fast-absorbing formula.
Directions: Apply as needed throughout the day whenever your hands feel dry.
Minnesota winter pretty much comes with a warning about needing lotion - hand cream being my weapon of choice because I clean for a living and wash dishes a couple times a day. My hands are always dry, cracked, and peeling. This is a nice thicker cream, but thin enough to soak into my hands in just a couple minutes. I love the scent (of course) and it fits very nicely into my purse.

5. No Smudge Eyeliner Pen | Full-Size .06g ($13)
Description: Create any look from chic to bold with this long-lasting and quick-drying precision eye liner. Made of a deep black pigment to create a bold eye. Unlike most no smudge liners, this eyeliner washes off easily!
Directions: Apply to the lash line and the waterline to add definition and accentuate the eyes.
I actually did not try this at all, because I absolutely suck at applying eyeliner. My hands are too shaky, and honestly I just don't wear makeup more than once or twice a month. I like the packaging and it does have a nice thin tip, so I'm sure this one was lovely.

This was a really great box that I'm glad I was able to grab. I love seeing brand boxes like this at Memebox, and I wouldn't mind seeing this one brought back for anyone who may have missed it the first time around!

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