Sunday, November 8, 2015

eOpenMarket Lucky Box [Unboxing]

Samples are a great way to try new products without committing to purchasing a full size item. There's few things worse than dropping big bucks on a new skincare product, and finding out just a few uses in that it doesn't work for your skin. I remember hearing about eOpenMarket's Luck Box last year sometime, but back then I was swamped with samples and didn't need to spend money on more. I was recently reminded of it though, and took a chance, and ordered. 
For just under $9, eOpenMarket guarantees you more than 30 samples (a value they claim is between $12-$15). After just two weeks, my package arrived from Korea - here's what was inside:
The entire pouch as it arrived from eOpenMarket, sans box.

Nature Republic: Snail Solution Mask Sheet; x1

Mizon: Original Skin Energy Placenta 45; x1

TonyMoly Floria Whitening Capsule Essence; x1

TonyMoly BCDATION Foundation; x2

Mizon: Pore Refine Silky Essence; x2

TonyMoly: "I'm Real" Avocado Rich Cream; x3

Missha: Perfect Cover BB Cream; x3

Innisfree: Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Cream; x3

Mizon: Water Volume EX Cream; x3

TonyMoly: Banana Hand Milk; x3

TonyMoly: BCDation All Master Foundation; x4

TonyMoly: Banana Sleeping Pack; x4

TonyMoly: Panda's Dream White Magic Cream; x4

Holika Holika: Good Cera Super Cream; x1

Innisfree: Eco Science Spot Essence DUO; x1

Purito: Snail Cleaning BB Cream; x13

Purito: Snail All in One BB Cleanser; x11
For $8.80 (and free shipping) I received 60 samples! This box really was an amazing value, and I receive a lot of products that I've never tried, some that I've never heard of either. Some will be great for testing out in my daily routine, and others (like the cleanser samples) will be great in the semi when I just take a small bag into the truck-stop bathrooms to get ready for bed.

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  1. This is very interesting! I've never heard about it before but I'm def. going to order a box myself and see what I get! i"m addicted to korean skincare :D