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Beauteque October Mask Maven Subscription Unboxing & Review #beauteque #maskmaven

About a week ago I received the October Mask Maven bag from Beauteque. This months' theme was "Beauteque's Brunch: A Dining-Out Delight":
This month's theme focuses on foods from a typical Western brunch. From honey to yogurt and egg to tangerine, there is an array of ingredients that will be sure to nourish your skin. Some different functions from the masks this month include firming, moisturizing, and soothing which will make it a gourmet meal for your face. 

What is Beauteque?
Beauteque is an online Asian beauty retailer based out of the US, but they ship to other parts of the world as well. Not only do they have a shop offering a wide variety of Asian beauty products for all skin types and people of all ages, but they also offer two monthly subscription services; the BB Bag and Mask Maven.

What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is Beauteque's monthly mask subscription service (there is a monthly BB Bag subscription as well that you can learn about here). Mask Maven offers 9 to 11 sheet masks - including face masks, wash-off masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks and more - each month at varying costs based on how long you sign up for in advance; $15 if you pay month-to-month, $15/mo for 3 months in advance, $14/mo for 6 months in advance & $13/mo for 12 months in advance - these prices do not include shipping, which is based off of what country you reside in. You are rebilled each month on the same date you subscribed (i.e. if you subscribe January 4th, you'll be billed again February 4th) unless you prepay for several months in advance or cancel.
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Mediheal: ADE Cocoa Mask
ADE-Raw cacao is an anti-oxidant that helps to fight free radicals. The ingredient also provides hydration to the skin.
To Use [for all masks]: Apply mask for 15-20 minutes, then remove and massage remaining essence into skin.
I shared this mask with a friend and she reported back to me that this mask really did smell like cacao! This mask had a unique pattern (like the Skinfood yogurt mask below) that helped the mask hold onto the essence, and prevent excess dripping. This mask was thick but adhered to her skin well, and she said it was easy to get a good fit.

Botanic Farm: Green Tea Mask
The mask sheet is infused with green tea extract which soothes the skin and can reduce inflammation.
This mask had a perfect amount of essence, which smelled a bit like alcohol at first but quickly disappeared. This mask fit my face well, and gave my skin a cooling sensation. My skin felt cool and hydrated afterwards.

Skinfood: Beauty In A Food Jeju Tangerine Mask
Jeju tangerine peel extract enlivens dull skin. The fruit ingredient also provides hydration. 
This mask was soaked with a citrus scented essence. The material was a bit thick, but it did stick to my face well.

Beauty Friend: Tomato Mask
Tomato can reduce dark spots and help fade acne scars. It can also help control oil. 
This mask had a watery essence that smelled like fresh tomatoes. This mask was hydrating, and left my face moist and plump.

Esfolio: Egg Essence Mask
Mask contains egg yolk extract which will moisturize the skin, and leave it feeling soft. 
This mask smelled pretty strongly of alcohol, but I don't think it contains alcohol. The essence was thick and creamy, and made my face feel very cold. The material was thick and squishy, but dried out pretty quickly.

Skinfood: Everyday Facial Yogurt Mask
This mask is rich in essence and will provide deep moisturization. Also softens and improves skin texture. 
This mask had a sweet fruity cream scent and a lotion-type essence. The mask itself was thick and textured, and hugged my face pretty well. It was very comfortable, and delivered some nice hydration to my skin.

Skin9 Village: Panda Honey Elasticity Pack
Honey can fight signs of aging, as well as acne. It keeps skin firm and elasticized.
This mask comes drenched in a lilac-honey scented lotion-type essence. The scent lasted the duration that I wore the mask, but it faded the longer I wore it. The cut wasn't too great - it was small and awkward around my nose, and seemed too small around the edges of my face. The essence felt very cooling on my face, and when I removed the mask my skin felt plump and hydrated. I love how cute this print is too - the panda is just adorable!

Skin9 Village: Super Puppy Whitening Honey Pack
This mask offers the breakout and wrinkle-fighting properties of honey, and well as brightening effects. 
This mask comes drenched in a pool of highly scented essence. It smells kinda floral-like, not like honey or sweet. The scent lingered for a few minutes, and I ended up removing it early because it was irritating my sinuses and eyes. The essence itself was actually very soothing and cooling. It seemed to absorb into my skin well, it was on the thinner side. The fit wasn't the best - the nose was cut oddly, and it was a bit smaller than most masks. I would say the highlight of this mask was the cute puppy print.

Rainbow L'Affair: Vitamin 3-Step Mask Pack
Three steps to dream skin that is nourished with vitamins can be achieved with this pack.
To Use: Use the cleanser packet first. Next, apply the ampoule all over the face, not rinsing off. Finally, apply the mask for 15-20 minutes. Remove and massage remaining essence into skin. 
The cleanser was thick but cleansed my face well and smelled like citrus. The ampoule was a thick gel that felt like it was full of silicone.
The sheet mask however is very nice! The material is like a cellulose, very squishy and soaked with essence but not dripping at all. It fits my face well and is very hydrating.

I really liked the Beauteque Mask Maven for October. The brunch theme was very cute and brought in a lot of new masks I've never tried before, and several brands I've not tried before either. I found a few masks that I would repurchase, and ended the week with my face looking great and feeling hydrated.

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