Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Rein Coat | The Therapeutic Calming Coat For Pets #thereincoat

Over the years I've tried different ways to keep our chi's calm naturally. Two years ago I reviewed the Thundershirt with Ocean (who sadly passed away last year if you aren't familiar with my blog) and last year I reviewed the Anxiety Wrap with Venus. This year, I'm excited to bring you a review of The Rein Coat with Venus - and even more excited to have these past reviews under my belt to be able to give you a comparison of these different products.

What is The Rein Coat?
The Rein Coat is a Therapeutic Calming Coats made for both dogs and cats. It comes in several different sizes but all come in the color blue. There are two options for each size; Classic (has a soft black lining for colder climates) and UltraLight (thin yet strong for warmer climates). Pricing varies based on size chosen.

Venus received the Classic Rein Coat with a soft black fleece lining to keep her warm in the winter. The blue outsize material is a strong ripstop material that resists moisture.
This is very different from both the Anxiety Wrap and Thundershirt, as they are both made from soft cloth material.

The Rein Coat is designed like an actual jacket for pets to be worn outdoors, and fastens snugly around your pet to help them feel secure and safe. There are different belts & buckles to give your pet a one-of-a-kind secure fit with their Rein Coat and ensure they do not get loose while outdoors if you are using a leash with your coat as well.
Both the Thundershirt and the Anixety Wrap allow for adjusting, but not with heavy-duty buckles. The Thundershirt only allows for two adjusting wrap pieces, and the Anxiety Wrap offers adjustability with its bungees but is just one solid piece of fabric that slides over your pet.

How did it work for Venus?
We received the size Medium Plus, when Venus' measurements indicated she should have received a size Small, so we did have trouble adjusting the fit for her and getting a proper fit. This did not fit exactly right now matter how much adjusting I did, but I was able to get a feel for how The Rein Coat should work, and it was good enough for Venus to run around in outdoors.

I was very impressed with how secure the stitching of everything is, and there there is no looseness on the harness area of the coat - this made it easy to walk Venus. This worked similarly to the Thudershirt and the Anixety Wrap in that is was calming, but of course not a miracle worker.

The thing I loved most about The Rein Coat, however, is that is ready for outdoor use. Venus' biggest trigger is other people and dogs' she sees outdoors - she's very overprotective so she is easily aggravated when others get too close to us that she doesn't know. This is difficult outdoors on walks or sometimes just spending time in the yard. Instead of using a product like the Thundershirt or the Anxiety Wrap plus a coat and/or harness over the top, upsetting Venus by securing so many layers, we can put on her Rein Coat and she's ready to go outside! The calming effect she receives from The Rein Coat is enough to give us a much better walking experience.

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