Monday, September 14, 2015

My Mask Stash | Week 9 #mymaskstash

My face is currently going through an odd purging/break-out phase where I'm experiencing a lot of roughness and closed comedones that simply refuse to come to surface. I tried a lot of hydrating and brightening masks to try to make my face look better and maybe smooth it out a bit.
IlluMask for Acne
I've started using my Illumask again this week. I tend to stop using it because I love my sheet masks, so I've started using this mask while my actives (AHA or BHA) soak in. So far I haven't noticed a big difference, but I know it's helped my skin in the past, so I'll continue to update.

The Secret Age Free Mask
This was a super thick cotton, two-piece mask with a thick milky-lotion essence. It fit my face very well and was very hydrating.

BeauNa: Apple Whitening Sheet Mask
This mask smelled like apples - so yum! It had a cold sensation on my skin that lasted about 15 minutes, and then my face felt slightly tingly. My skin did not get irritated from this mask, and it even looked brighter after use. I had no new breakouts the following morning either.

Ettang Calendula Modeling Take-Out Cup
This is my favorite modeling pack yet! It felt very refreshing and cooling on my skin, and it made my face feel softer and appear much brighter.

Darkness Collagen Strawberry Milk Mask Pack
This mask provided some nice soothing and much needed moisture, but that's about all.

Hey Pinkgo Girl: Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask
Oh my goodness, my face has died and gone to heaven after using this sweet angel of a mask. Where do I begin?!? This mask is a super thin gauze-like material that somehow holds a tremendous amount of essence. It fits my face perfectly - this is until any other mask I've had on my face. It's so thin and perfect it's almost unnoticeable on my face while wearing. It provided a super-packed punch of moisture to my face, and when removed my skin absorbed every last drop without any stickiness. This is a mask of the Gods.

Foodaholic: Gold Energy HydroGel Mask
This mask came from a "free sample" promo where the masks were available for the cost of shipping, and I'm assuming that's because when I received it the expiration date was less than a week away -_-
This mask came with plastic backing that wasn't actually backed with the mask pieces. Both the gel pieces were just bunched up in the bottom of the mask envelope. The mask had a strong cologne smell that I struggled to deal with - it brought on a headache within minutes. While I had the mask on it made areas of my face burn and itch - I'm not sure if it's a particular ingredient or ingredients that caused this reaction, or the fact that it was nearly expired, but this mask was a large disappointment.

What masks did you try this week?

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  1. I have been wanting to try the Illumimask so bad! Does it work really well?