Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Starting Over [With Skincare] & A Peek Into What's Been Going On In MyPersonal Life

I'm sure there are others out there facing the same problem as I am, but we all re-vamp bits and pieces of our skincare routine at one point or another. We try a new product in place of an old one, we add a step, we take one away.

I've mentioned in posts over the past few weeks that I recently had a bad run-in with my depression. I was stuck on the thought that I just wasn't good enough to be a part of this world, and with the help of my online friends (most of you are even reading this blog - the amazing girls from Instagram and the "Memebox Addicts" Facebook group) and the fear of what would happen to my son if I took my own life, I was able to coax myself back into reality. It was a long month that I went on feeling like this - I barely slept or ate, and I certainly didn't care about myself or my skin. For a whole month I went as far as only rinsing my face with water when I took a shower - there was no routine, there wasn't even a face wash - I just didn't have it in me anymore.

I was blessed to have a few friends send me care packages to help me feel better, and to help me jump back into caring for my skin when I reached out for something easy to start with again. I have a "mask stash" again, that you've all been seeing in my weekly post (that has really helped keep me occupied lately too). I've also been blessed with a rather large package of exciting skincare products to try.

So what does that have to do with this post? Well, as I get back into finding a new skincare routine, I plan to start documenting my skin on my blog. My skin has taken a real beating, and it shows. The sun has been my biggest enemy, and my acne was on a rampage not too long ago as well.

My skin is still suffering from breakouts, but as my skin slowly gets better, I hope to publish a new post at least once a month with photos of my skin for comparison, along with documentation of the products I've been trying out.

For the record, this was me on my wedding day on 2/2/2015, with a light bb cushion and some eye/lip makeup:

Below are pictures of my face taken on 8/7/2015, where you will see sunburn, dark spots, cyctic acne, whiteheads, blackheads, scarring, and PIH.

I hope you'll stick around and follow my footsteps in this new journey, while I try to get my face back to how it used to be <3

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  1. Your skin still looks great but I know you notice the differences yourself more than anyone else ever does. Really looking forward to seeing what you use and the results! <3

    What lovely friends as well, to send you care packages! I've been not very well myself for the last few months. I've suffered from severe depression for over 15 years and the physical pain I have at the moment is just the icing on the cake! I have subsequently been avoiding facebook, the groups and even writing my blog for quite a while now as they just seem to really upset me even more but I can guess who some of the lovelies probably are! I don't have any familial support so have been trying to get through this all on my own which is proving difficult but I'll get there, as I have before, and I finally have a date for my op in November so hopefully the physical side will eventually be sorted!

    I think writing again will help as well .... it's just getting started, lol!

    Virtual Hugs, Cxx

  2. Those words"take your own life" never speak of those again please not for me but for yourself, Honey your life is so precious even though it doesn't always seem that way or that the bad emotions and/or situations might taken over for a while in your life, that doesn't mean the clouds will stick there forever... the sun is always watching you and ready to kick back in at the right time maybe you even pull the sun back. There is always a way out and time will always move forward, you're not stuck and time it self will also heal and help you cary on. Be strong, you are worth it! <3

    What might help (what I do at the moment) is I'm taking a Vitamin B complex just gives you that extra bit of a boost :)