Friday, July 31, 2015

My Mask Stash | Week of 7/26 #mymaskstash

This week has been better than many over the past month. I have washed my face daily, I have been laughing and smiling again, and I'm still enjoyed a mask almost every night. This week has been hotter than most of the summer has been so far, and more humid, so I've been breaking out a bit more (on top of all the stress breakouts I'm experiencing daily). 
So what masks did I use this week to try to calm down my face demons?

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Orange
Leaders is my favorite mask brand, and this particular mask is one of my favorites that they offer. This mask is cooling, soothing, and comfortable to wear. I am able to wear it for a minimum of 30 minutes before it dries out under my nose. It brightens my skin and gives it a nice boost of vitamin c, which is something my skin really needs right now to help lighten up all the dark spots on my face.

TonyMoly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet for Clear Skin
This mask had a heavy fragrance, which usually triggers a migraine for me, but thankfully this scent disappeared quickly after application, and whatever this scent was composed of didn't bother me after a couple minutes. The material was very soft with some stretch to it, it fit my face well and adhered nicely. The essence was milky, like a thin emulsion, and was very soothing to my skin. I wore my sheet mask cover over this mask, and left it on my face for the full 30 minutes. When I removed the cover the mask was still damp, but I removed it anyway. My skin felt hydrated and soft, and my skins' redness had disappeared. The following morning, some of my acne had cleared up! I would definitely use this mask again.

Karuna Exfoliating Face Mask
Available at Sephora for $8 each, or $28 for four
This mask was thin, with a plastic backing in the package to help unfold and place on your face with added support. The backing is then removed for a comfortable masking experience. This mask had a sweet smell to it, and a nice amount of essence - wet but not overly saturated. I applied my sheet mask cover over this mask and left it on my face for roughly 45 minutes, and never at any point experienced any burning or tingling or any kind to indicate that it was too harsh on my skin. My face felt smooth to the touch after removal, and the redness in my face had disappeared. I applied a light moisturizer and went to bed.
The following morning I woke up with no whiteheads (which is a problem I've been having for about 3 weeks) and the rough patches of congested pores and active acne had diminished greatly. This mask was, in short, a miracle for my face. I still have a few problem areas, but the intensity of those areas were reduced by half with the help of this mask. I plan to purchase more of them as soon as my budget allows.

Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body
I received this mask as a press sample to review, and have used it a few times already but have only posted about it on Instagram. This mask is supposed to purge your pores of build-up and firm your skin.
I apply this mask by squeezing small amounts at a time onto a flat foundation brush, and brushing it onto my face. You want a thick layer, but not too thick where it's going to be clumpy or start to slid off your skin - you just want it thick enough where you cannot see your face underneath, you want it to be able to pull impurities from your skin and be thick enough to work in a firm up your skin too. 
When using this mask on your face, you are supposed to only leave it on for 2-5 minutes. After 5 minutes I massaged the mask off with a warm wet washcloth. The mask is easy to remove as long as you stick to the instructions - once it starts to dry it becomes very difficult to remove, and you don't want to have to scrub your face so harshly. 
After removal my face is soft, smooth, and brighter looking. I can tell this removes a lot from my pores just based on the look and feel of my face, but I cannot say that this gives me a real noticeable firming effect. 

Velieve Aloe Soothing Girlish Mask
I derma-rolled my face prior to using this mask. I haven't yet posted on this blog about my experiences with derma-rolling but it is a big help with fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and even acne on my skin. It is painful, but in my opinion is worth it considering you only need to do it once a month. Anyways.... 
After derma-rolling my face is red, swollen, and painful - but there are a lot of punctures in my face as well, so anything I apply to try and sooth it is going to absorb more effectively and more quickly, so this took me a while to pick a mask that I felt would be the least irritating to my skin at this stage. This is what I chose, because of the aloe and the short ingredients list. 
This mask had a very light fragrance, and was very soft feeling. It clung to my face nicely, but the fit was a bit awkward - it was too large around my chin, and a little too small around my eyes. After a few minutes I noticed my face started feeling much better and the pain from derma-rolling had subsided. I left this mask on for about 20 minutes before the essence had completely absorbed into my skin. When I removed it the redness I had previously was nearly gone, and there was no pain. My face looked brighter and clearer, and felt more smooth. 

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  1. I derm-roll as well and could definitely use the Aloe Soothing Girlish Mask Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I haven't done a mask in a long time. I probably need to because I know they really brighten up your face. I will have to check out these products.