Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Mask Stash | Week of 7/19

I've taken an extensively long break from caring for my skin. I've been struggling with severe depression for the past month, and my skin has suffered as much as my mind. My newest step into caring for my skin once again is washing my face and using a sheet mask each night - I currently am not using any serums, because I simply do not have the ambition to do so.

So, how have I been caring for my skin this past week?

Mask House: Black Charcoal Purifying Element Mask
I love black charcoal sheet masks. They always feel thick, but are so soaked with essence they cling to my face and form to its shape without even the tiniest issue. My face also seems to respond the most to charcoal masks. After three weeks of only washing my face a few times a week and nothing else (no masks, serums, toner - nothing) this was the first mask I used, and I can't believe the difference it made in the 30 minutes I had it on. After I removed it my face appeared brighter, my pores looked better, and my face looked less tired and dehydrated. My acne minimized dramatically overnight after using this mask, too. 

Benton: Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
This is a repeater, but this is the last one I had on hand. Many of you may already know (if you've read past mask stash posts or my Instagram) that this mask is a good preventative treatment for me. It does help heal anything brewing on my skin at the time, but it also helps clarify and brighten my skin, so I try to use one every week or two. However, since I do not trust Benton anymore, I do not know if I will place a new order for these yet or not. 

Girl'sDay: Collagen Sheet Mask (Protect & Healing Day)
This mask smelled kinda spicy. I've noticed this smell in other ginseng masks, so I'm sure that's what the smell is. This mask was very cooling, which was so refreshing after spending a majority of the day working out in the sun (we've been cleaning up my grandma's farm the past couple weeks). My skin was so rough and dehydrated (like it had weathered from the sun) but this mask brought some life back to it with nice hydration, which gave a plumping effect. This was a very soothing and hydrating mask.

My Scheming: Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask
This mask smelled amazing, just like roses. It was such a heavenly luxurious scent, it felt so relaxing and calming - this is probably the closest to a spa experience I will ever be. The mask itself was thin, it came with a plastic backing that was peeled away, and once applied it really clung to my face well. While thin, it was a durable material that felt very soft and comfortable. It has soaked with essence, I was able to leave this mask on for about 45 minutes without using a cover before it started to dry out. It left my skin hydrated, brightened, and plump. 

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  1. My goodness, I really hope you feel better and happy soon!! I reconnize the letting the beauty caring part go when you feel like that. Somedays I would be like; PJ party whole week long and goodbye skincare etc when I fellt like that in my past. Stay strong, you will get through, I believe in you! <3 Lately I've been also just cleansing my face and wear sheet masks,, mainly because I think it's too hot for more layers of skincare ;)

    Just saw your picture of you sweet dog when I was typing this coment and I feel so sad for you and Ocean :'( I've crying now because now I fear my heart broken feelings for the day (18 sep) when my dog Tara died last year. The thing that hurts me so is the hard fact that we move on in time and if we could go back our dogs would be alife. and that we actually leave them behind in time, if you kinda know what I mean. For me new years day was so hard. Everyone tears are different but I kinda know how you feel. Big hug!!