Friday, March 13, 2015

My Mask Stash: Week 1

Welcome to the newest installment here with The Glitter Chic; a [hopefully] weekly blog post featuring the masks I've used over the past week. Look for a new post each Friday!

This week I've used a few sheet masks and a foot mask. My skin has been going crazy lately. First I thought it was the dry, cold, winter weather - but this week has been in the 50s so I don't think that's it. My best guess is that I'm just plain getting older and my skin is accepting it better than I am. So here we go!

Missha: Pure Source Sheet Mask with Tea Tree
This is an anti-trouble and anti-acne mask, which can give you an idea right there of how my week started out. I love these masks because they have an all cotton sheet, but the ingredients of the essence includes alcohol (which I'm allergic to) so I never know how well I'll react to Missha masks. Thankfully the tea tree was basically powerful enough to lighten the acne I already had, and not allow the production of any more. 
I was pretty happy with this mask and despite the alcohol content, I would consider purchasing it again.

It's Skin: Self Care Foot Moisture Mask
(Purchased from Memebox, no longer available)
I am a huge fan of foot peeling masks but they're not always the most convenient - you know - with skin peeling off everywhere. So when I saw a moisture mask that deeply moisturized over an hour and a half vs infusing my feet with some magic chemical that will force my dead skin to peel off, I had to try it. This mask had no terrible smell that peeling masks usually have, it felt slippery on my feet, even with socks on over the top of the booties. When I removed the booties my feet felt damp, and the next morning my feet were baby-butt soft. A week later my feet are still pretty moisturized and smooth so I'm thinking the effects of this would last roughly 2 weeks, maybe even longer if you weren't lazy like myself and put lotion on your feet each night as well. 
I will definitely purchase more of these!

Benton: Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
(Purchased from Memebox, no longer available)
Despite my recent issues with Benton, I still love and completely trust their sheet masks. Memebox used to sell these masks, and I received a few in my Benton value set as well. I love these masks for calming down and even preventing acne breakouts. I find these masks to be very soothing overall and just a great weekly mask for maintenance. 
I'll probably always have some of these on hand.

Leaders: Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato
I was able to try a Leaders Coconut Gel mask last year that I received in another Memebox, and I love them. They are a very thin but very dense gel that does not rip or tear easily, if at all - I had no issues with it - but it does stick to itself very easily. This mask really has very little smell - no coconut, I'm pretty sure no tomato, but a light "fresh" fragrance. This mask is for Elasticity and Resilience, with tomato bringing in the antioxidant Lycopene. It is supposed to form a protective barrier on your skin that keeps environmental toxins out and moisture in. 
This mask was ok, but I'm not sure if I'd repurchase it, I honestly didn't experience anything amazing after use.

Skin79: Tea Tree Calming Mask Sheet
This was another attempt at specifically targeting my active acne. This is a pure cotton mask sheet, with tea tree extract to protect and soothe the skin, and centella asiatica extract to brighten your skins appearance and make it appear more healthy. 
This was a decent tea tree sheet mask but might have caused a couple breakouts, so I'm not sure yet if I'd repurchase it.

Leaders: Insolution Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask
By the end of the week my skin had gone from bad, to slightly better, to worse - so I broke out this mask in the hopes that it would be better than the others I've tried in some way. The packaging of this mask looks so... medical. This mask felt and smelled the same as the tomato mask, but it felt more soothing while it was on my skin. I left this mask on for a full hour before removing it, every once and a while massaging a little bit of essence from the envelope on top to keep it extra moist. When I removed the mask my redness and inflammation was gone. My pores were smaller and my face felt refreshed. The next morning morning, all my acne had cleared up but one cyst I have on the side of my nose. 
This mask is most impressive and my winner for the week. I will definitely be buying more of these.

What masks did you try this week?

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  1. Oooh love this idea for a weekly post!! Great idea to keep track of all the masks used!!
    Renee C.

  2. I totally agree on the Benton masks- they're a little pricey for me (I like my masks to be like, 700 won lol) but they really do work wonders when my skin has a breakout or is super irritated!
    I agree that I'm not a huge fan of foot peeling masks like some people are. I use them maybe 3-4 times a year just to keep the calluses down, but I MUCH prefer to regularly use a moisturizing foot mask regularly instead! Great review! Love seeing thoughts on sheet masks- helps me plan my next sheet mask haul LOL ;) #kbeautybloghop