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Gwiyomi (Cute) Box #Memebox #Unboxing & #Review #gwiyomi

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I ordered the Gwiyomi Memebox when it first came out in the US shop. This was a USA only value set box filled with cute and adorable products. This was also a "naked" box, as Memebox showed exactly what was in the box at the time of ordering. While I knew what I was going to receive, it contained all products I'd never tried before, and I couldn't wait to enjoy the cuteness coming to my door!

Introducing our Gwiyomi (Cute) Box! Packed with a bunch of irresistibly adorable products that are not only captivating to the eyes, but also work like magic to transform your skin to get that dreamy, charming glow!

Memebox included a nice card with this box, but they also gave a nice description of each product on their website for this box, so I've copied their info in italics, and I'll add my thoughts on each product below.

1. Hand Cream- It's Skin Cookie Hand Cream randomly selected from Original/ Mint/Strawberry (Full-size 80ml)

Benefits: moisturizing, nourishing
A cookies and cream themed lotion, packaged into what looks like to be a pint of ice cream. How can one resist such adorable packaging? It quite literally smells like dessert, so make sure you do not mistake it for real food! This hand cream is packed with moisturizing ingredients such as shea, mango and macadamia seed butter. All ingredients work together to lock in moisture and prevent dry, cracked skin.
How to use: Apply generously to clean hands. 

I received the mint hand cream, and it smells like mint ice cream - YUM! I find this hand cream to be super rich and moisturizing, and while it takes a minute or two to fully absorb, I feel like the moisture lasts for quite some time, so I can't complain. I actually been keeping this little tub in my purse because it smells so nice during the day.

2. Face Pack- It's Skin Todak Todak Pack randomly selected from the following (Full-size 120 ml)

Benefits: brightening, moisturizing, pore refining, nourishing
This mask comes in sweet and delectable “flavors”. The product’s formula contains essential ingredients that renew tired and dull looking skin. Randomly chosen from
-Honey and Coconut: Contains Manuka honey which is lauded as a miracle beauty ingredient with anti-aging properties. It contains naturally occurring acid which aids in the removal of dead skin. Coconut helps combat acne scars and prevents future breakouts.
-Grape and Blueberry: Grape and blueberry extracts are packed with Vitamin C and E. These antioxidants help protect the skin from damaging molecules that can cause aging.
-Egg and Apple: Contains egg whites which help prevent sebum production and reduce the appearance of pores. The apple extract has vitamin A, C, and zinc which promote clear and healthy skin.
How to use: Wear mask as instructed on product packaging (directions vary)

I received the honey and coconut face pack, and I love the sweet smell of it while it's on my face. This pack is creamy and smooth, and feels so rich and moisturizing while it's on my face. Even though I have oily skin, this pack is still nice during this cold and harsh winter months - especially with the freezing cold and wind we've been experiencing lately. I cannot speak for the anti-aging properties of this pack right now, but I do feel like my face feels a bit brighter and perhaps renewed after using this mask. I'm really pleased with this face pack and would be happy to try the other varieties as well.

3. Eye Mask- It's Skin Butterfly Eyes Mask Sheet (Full-size 1pc)

Benefits: moisturizing, brightening, soothing, refreshing
Treat the delicate skin around your eyes and give it the extra care and attention it deserves. It is formulated with broccoli, plant collagen, vitamin C extracts, as well as complex flower essences. The hydrogel sheet mask delivers bountiful benefits to this sensitive area. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, so make sure to take care of these beauties!
How to use: After cleansing and toning your skin, remove eye mask from packaging. Apply mask, following the form and shape. Leave on for 15~20 minutes, gently peel off mask from the outer edges.

I've tried eye masks in the past, but never a butterfly mask. It kinda makes me feel like a masked bandit while this is on my face lol. This mask was soothing, cooling, and refreshing - it also seemed to brighten and de-puff my eye area. I found these masks online for roughly $3 a piece, so a bit more expensive than I would normally spend on an eye mask, but still something I might purchase as an occasional eye treatment treat.

4. Cleansing Foam- It’s Skin Mini BeBe Creamy Foam randomly selected from Banana/Greengrape/Pomegranate (Mini-size 30ml)

Benefits: cleansing, refreshing, pore refining, soothing
Take this darling cleansing foam on the go. It’s small packaging makes it great for traveling. Wash away impurities with this moisturizing foam that contains milk protein concentrates and honey extracts. It protects, softens and prevents tight, uncomfortable skin with it’s papaya fruit, aloe and green tea extract formula.
How to use: Wet face. Work a pearl-sized amount of product into a luxurious lather and massage over skin. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Finish off with cold water to tighten relaxed pores.

I received the pomegranate cleansing foam, which I am pretty happy about. I have nothing against bananas or grapes, but when it comes to face wash, pomegranate just sounds the most refreshing to me. I normally don't use foaming face washes because of their high pH, that seemingly strips my moisture barrier and causes cystic acne outbreaks with extended use. However, this cute and tiny tube was just calling my name, so I had to give this one a try after my cleansing oil. I found that this cleanser smelled fruity and delicious, but also did not leave my skin feeling overly dry and tight. Being the small tube that it is, I can space out my usage of this cleanser to avoid breakouts without worrying about it going bad.

5. Tinted lip Balm- TonyMoly Mini Blueberry Lip Balm (Full-size, 7g)

Benefits: moisturizing, nourishing
Moisturize and protect your lips with this too cute for life lip balm. This lip balm delivers sun protection to your lips, which are often left neglected. It is formulated with a berry complex that delivers nutrients to keep your lips smooth and moisturized.
How to use: Apply generously to lips for a hydrating coat of moisture, and burst of color.

I am always a sucker for lip balm, and this little blueberry balm is it for me. Isn't it totally adorable?!? It looks cute, smells amazing, and moistures too! What more could a girl ask for? Seriously... I keep this balm in my purse and share it with my son throughout the day. It offers a very subtle and natural pink tint to the lips. I am in love with this lip balm and cannot wait to collect more fruit balms from TonyMoly.

6. Under Eye Brightener- TonyMoly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base(Full-size 9g)



Benefits: brightening, nourishing, moisturizing
Our eyes are often tired and in need of rest. With this product, you can brighten and wake up your tired eyes! No need to walk around with ‘panda eyes’ - use this eye base to cover up your dark circles. Formulated with pearl and bamboo extracts, you can now keep the delicate areas around your eyes moisturized and protected.
How to use: Apply around the eyes where you have dark circles, and pat lightly to absorb. 
#memetip: Apply foundation over to create even brighter, and more energized eye look

I almost squealed with glee when I saw this was coming in this gwiyomi box. I have been "eyeing" up this adorbs little panda for weeks in the Memebox-Shop and this just couldn't have been a more perfect fit for this box. This cute little panda stick provides a brightening bit of cream to perk up your eye area, or even highlight other areas of your face. It's not overly shimmery, and kind of sheer - which I love. I enjoy glitter, but I don't like looking like a pixie on a daily basis lol. This Panda's Dream base is not only cute, but it's application and wear has replaced my regular Benefit Watt's Up highlighter. I love that this product dries to a nearly powder finish - perfect for my oily skin!

BONUS: Free Samples!

The Gwiyomi Memebox was a real winner for me - I'm super happy with the contents with this box and hope there are similar "cute" boxes in the future. This box retails for $35 with free shipping, but available to the United States only. You can check out the Gwiyomi (cute) box hereMemebox is the leading Korean beauty retailer, carrying curated boxes & individual items - if you decide to check out their boxes and other products, I'd love for you to use my affiliate link and support future reviews, giveaways, and maintainance of my blog.

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  1. This looks like a cute little set! Between the cookie hand cream and the cute blueberry packaging, this is definitely a winner. And the panda eye cream looks like it works wonders! I will seriously need to consider picking it up on my next tester korea haul. Great post #kbeautybloghop (

  2. I think I need that panda stick in my life! I wish that box had shipped internationally. I'm interested to know - did the hand cream leave little pieces of 'cookie' behind? Or did they dissolve? Anyway, looks like a fantastic box and I'm glad all the products worked out for you! #kbeautybloghop

    1. The bits of cookie did dissolve, but they took some rubbing in - almost like they were extra moisturizing bits. It's a great hand lotion, I can't get over how good it smells!

  3. This is one of the boxes I wished were available internationally whilst we could still get them! Luckily, I think most of these products are fairly widely available. I especially like the look of the It's Skin pack as I am totally obsessed with anything coconut. Can you actually smell the coconut or is it mostly honey?

    1. I can smell a bit of coconut, which I love! It smells so fresh and tropical, I love it ^_^

  4. I've had my eye on those TonyMoly fruit balms for a while! They're too cute for words. I want to make a whole "fruit salad" out of Korean cosmetics... banana sleeping packs, peach hand creams, berry lip balms. Sky's the limit! :P #kbeautybloghop

  5. What a cute set. I have a Tony Moly lip scrub, but I'd love to try some of the fruit balms as well. I've got my eye on the panda brightener as well, but I'm super pale, so I'm not sure how much help it would be for me. #kbeautybloghop

  6. Looks like an awesome box, so cute! The cookie hand cream looks so yummy! :D