Sunday, February 1, 2015

Find Your Signature Scent #Memebox

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This is the "Find Your Signature Scent" Memebox, which I purchased in a bundle. I love bundles because they ship faster for a cheaper price, so I can enjoy my boxes more quickly - call me impatient, because that's exactly what I am! This particular box I expected to be filled with wonderfully scented goods, like a type of perfume sampler if you will, and I was about half right...

Let's take a look at what's inside!

1. Bellespiani Boutique Cleanser Rose (full size)
This is sort of a one-and-done facial cleanser that removed makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities that naturally exfoliates and has a low enough pH to use on it's own and even daily. It has a spongey gelatin texture that I find fun and surprisingly easy to work with. It's an older rose scent, like that of rose oil - it's not a fresh cut roses smell that I personally would have preferred. Even though this cleanser has the ability to remove makeup, I like to use an oil cleanser before this one to make sure this cleanser has a change to really deep clean. I find it to rinse away very easily, but makes my face feel a bit tight and fills my sink with soap suds, which leaves me to believe that this cleanser has a heavy soap base. Either way, it makes my skin feel soft and clean, and has not caused a break-out, so I am happy!

2. Yahah Auto Lip Crayon in Pink Holic (full size)
This surprised me the most from this box - what was Memebox thinking throwing a lip crayon into a scent box? Then I read the card and saw that it was fruit scented - ahah! This color looked nice in the packaging, and isn't too bad on my skin, but it quickly turned from a dark muted pink to a bright rose once applied and set on my lips. I'm unsure whether or not I'll continue to wear it, but for scent evaluation purposes I'd like to add that I think this crayon smells like strawberries - yum!

3. Innoface Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (full size)
This was a bit of a surprise to see in a scent box as well, but upon opening the tub I was very pleased with the fresh scent. This is seemingly a bit of a typical aloe vera gel, with a few extra "green foods" extracts to pack a bit more of a nutritious punch. I've been using it as a daytime moisturizer for my oily face, and I am happy with it. It absorbs quickly without leaving my skin feeling tacky or like it has a lot of product on it, like other moisturizers do.

4. SecretKey Glam Romance Perfume Body Lotion (full size)
I'm usually pretty "meh" about body lotions, but this one absorbs very quickly and instead of leaving my skin feeling too moist or sticky, my skin just feels soft. It smells a bit like baby powder with a hint of musk. I found the scent to fade shortly after the lotion absorbed into the skin.

5. X.O.X. Kisses Mist (full size)
This is a nice mist that could have been received in one of six different scents. The scents are listed on the info card, however there is no identification on the bottle of spray to indicate what it might be, so this product turns into a fun guessing game! I think I received either the rose bouquet or the floral scent. It's a nice smell either way that sort of smells like flowers. It's for use on body, clothing, or hair - but I've actually been spraying it in my room when get ready in the morning and in the evening just to lift my spirits a bit.

Overall I actually really love this box. It isn't at all what I was expecting, but it contained products that I'm actually using daily so I have nothing bad to say about what the actual contents of the box are. This Memebox retails for $25 plus the cost of shipping ($6.99 for standard, $18.99 for express) Memebox is the leading Korean beauty retailer, carrying curated boxes & individual items - if you decide to check out their boxes and other products, I'd love for you to use my affiliate link and support future reviews, giveaways, and maintenance of my blog. Find current Memebox discounts here:

What do you think of the "Find Your Signature Scent" box?

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  1. These products looks great- love that they are full size. Hmmm, my signature scent- something floral with a hint of spice.