Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Skincare Picks of 2014

This year has been a long winding road of ups and downs and a new-found discovery of Asian beauty products that have taken my [once restricted to Western brands] routine by storm. While I still have a special love for products I'm able to find here in the United States, I cannot sing praises high enough for the items that seem to hold some sort of magic on my skin from Korea. This post will pull together my top skincare picks and tell you why I love them so much. Enjoy!

I haven't been using this product very long, but it's my first cleansing oil and I'm in love. It's easier on my skin than makeup removing cloths, and doesn't leave much of an oily feeling behind after I rinse it away. It removes even my waterproof mascara! I always follow up with a regular cleanser afterwards.

I found this cleanser after I discovered the importance of using a low pH face wash. By using a cleanser with a pH between 4.5 and 6.5 (my skin actually prefers anything below 6 - but up to 6.5 is the common recommendation for most skin) I've been able to nearly eliminate my acne. This particular face wash contains no irritating ingredients, is gently, non-drying, and still manages to deep clean my skin.

Cleansing Tool: Clarisonic Mia 2
This was my first ever skincare splurge, which was soon followed by the Foreo Luna. I love the Clarisonic because it sloughs away dead skin cells and deep cleans my skin using sonic vibrations. Clarisonic claims it's safe enough to use twice a day, but to prevent over-exfoliation I'm currently only using it every other night. I will note, however, that I never use the lower speed on the Mia 2, and recommend saving the extra $50 by purchasing the Mia 1 if you're looking at this tool for yourself.

This mask contains two nose/cheek area strips and a syringe with a special carbonated gel. When the gel is applied to a sheet, it bubbles up quickly and powerfully. It stings the skin slightly, but it's totally worth the major deep clean this mask delivers to your skin. I generally apply one sheet to my nose and cheeks, and cut down the other to apply it to my chin/jawline. After 15 minutes I remove the sheets, massage the gel into my face, and then rinse away. My pores have never been clearer.

All my life I thought of a toner as just an extra product used to remove the excess crud from your skin that your face wash missed. This toner has been like a miracle in a bottle for my skin. It eliminated my cystic acne completely and has prevented new from forming. It doesn't dry out my skin and helps keep it especially clear.

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence
This essence contains 80% galactomyces which isn't as high as the PureBess 100% Galactomyces (obviously) but I feel like the extra ingredients offer something more to my skin that help brighten as well as prepare my skin for the upcoming goodness my routine has to offer.

Sheet Mask: Meme Mask
This is an amazing two-piece hydrogel mask that delivers superb moisture without increasing oiliness. It plumps fine lines and genuinely makes my face look and feel hydrated and bright. You can read my full review here on my blog.

While the name of this product says essence, I find it to be thick like a serum so that's how I use it. When I first discovered this product I felt like it worked great and ordered the rest of the Benton Snail Bee line to use as well. The high concentration of nutrients was too much as once since I didn't ease into them and I ended up having a slight reaction to the bee venom in all the products. After taking a break for a couple months I came back to just this serum and using it daily (without any other products with bee venom) has been a beautiful gift to my skin. It has lightened acne scars and definitely helps fight active acne while slowing new breakouts.

I only use this ampoule at night, but it's a repairing ampoule, as the name implies. It is supposed to hydrate and repair the skin, which I feel like it definitely helps with. Most nights I will use this ampoule then skip straight to either a sleeping pack or facial oil.

This was a recommendation from Tracy at Fanserviced-B for moisturizing acne prone skin and controlling oil at the same time. It minimizes redness and dark circles, it helps fight acne, and protects it from impurities. I use this during the day to help control oil and use it in the evening if I'm experiencing a breakout.

This isn't actually a sleeping pack, but actually a moisturizer. However, it's so rich, it works better with my skin type as a sleeping pack. As you can see it's a creamy gel that resembles honey, and it really smells like apples! It's very hydrating - I just love it!

Facial Oil: Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
There are few items I splurge on when I know there are cheaper alternatives, however this argan oil really is, somehow, the best I've ever used. I tried a couple different oils in the past purchased from Amazon and they broke me out terribly. This seems so much more pure which I know doesn't make sense, but even my oily acne prone skin just feeds off the goodness this oil has to offer. I use 3-4 drops when applying at night, and on no-makeup days I apply 2 drops to my face in the morning.

So these are my favorites I've found throughout this year. I know it's a pretty solid skincare routine in itself, but I'm ashamed to admit that there are many more products I alternate with that aren't here. Hopefully I'll have an updated skincare routine post up soon!

In the mean time...

Happy New Year!

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