Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#Memebox "I'm Eyeshadow" & "I'm Blush" Looks ~ Super Pic Heavy!

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I recently swatched my new duo eyeshadows and blushes from Memebox, and I wanted to throw them together on my face so you all could see how they looked! So, here we go!

#01 Sunset "I'm Eyeshadow" & #02 Sheer Pink "I'm Blush"

#01 Sunset: Metallic Pink & Golden Orange

#02 Sheer Pink
 I applied Metallic Pink to my lids, Golden Orange in my crease and under my eyes, and Sheer Pink to my cheeks.

#02 Wonderland "I'm Eyeshadow" & #01 Petal Pink "I'm Blush"

#02 Wonderland: Golden Orange & Perlized Beige

#01 Petal Pink
 I applied Golden Orange to my lids, Perlized Beige to my crease and undereyes, and Petal Pink to my cheeks.

#03 Fallen "I'm Eyeshadow" & #04 Bright Coral "I'm Blush"

#03 Fallen: Warm Ivory & Golden Brown

#04 Bright Coral
I applied Warm Ivory to my lids, Golden Brown to my crease and undereyes, and Bright Coral to my cheeks.

#04 Soul "I'm Eyeshadow" & #03 Rosy Peach "I'm Blush"

#04 Soul: Deep Wine & Wine Brown

#03 Rosy Peach
 I applied Deep Wine to my lids, Wine Brown to my crease and undereyes, and Rosy Peach to my cheeks.

#05 Queen "I'm Eyeshadow" & #03 Rosy Peach "I'm Blush"

#05 Queen: Chocolate Brown & Deep Wine
 With this eyeshadow I used the same blush as with Soul, the Rosy Peach. I applied Chocolate Brown to my lids, Deep Wine to my crease and undereyes, and Rosy Peach to my cheeks.

Any colors you like best?
I'm by no means a professional, but I hope you enjoy the colors as much as I do, anyway!

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  1. I am loving the Purples!!! Gorgeous!! I've been a tad over Me,Enid, and Idk if I'll put the money out for these, but they are gorgeous!!

  2. Wow, the eyeshadows look pretty great! I love the slight shimmer, how pretty!

  3. I love the colors on these eyeshadows! <3 I'm usually not a huge fan of pink, but that and the peach are my favorites here!

  4. Love the purples n the lil shimmer in them.. Just right not too much..

  5. Super cool....thanks for the pics too...it's nice to see what they look like applied.

  6. I love the Chocolate Brown and Deep Wine eyeshadow combo you tried. It looks great on your skin tone. Neat little products that they have here. I'm a box sucker...

  7. I love the pink eyeshadow. It suits you very well

  8. The colours are amazing. .. .

  9. I love the number two look! It suits you really well.