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November "Oh Sheet Mask" Bag #Unboxing & #Review

I'm a sucker for subscription boxes as well as sheet masks. So when I heard about a subscription service that offers only sheet masks in their boxes, I had to try them out. That's how I found "Oh Sheet Mask."
Oh Sheet Mask is a subscription box service that boasts being able to provide high quality asian sheet masks that are new and innovative - masks "that are causing waves in Korea and beyond." These statements alone, taken from both their website and their Facebook page couldn't get me to hit that subscribe button fast enough.

Oh Sheet Mask offers several different types of boxes; including a monthly or single-time purchase 10 sheet box for $23 and a monthly or single-time purchase 5 sheet bag for $11. These prices include shipping, which is available worldwide. There is currently also a "Festive Gift Box" which includes 10 sheet masks for $23, including new and past masks (from subscription boxes) wrapped in a Christmas-y gift box - making it perfect for a gift, or a sweet holiday treat to yourself.

I purchased the $11 bag containing 5 sheet masks, and signed up for a recurring monthly subscription. The price per mask comes out to be $2.20 each with free shipping. A bit higher than I usually pay, but for unique masks that I've probably never seen before, this price is totally worth it. (Just an FYI- the $23 box works out to cost $2.30 per mask, so while you receive more, the bag is a better deal price-wise, unless you're looking for that cute box of course).

Now, on to the bag...

I received 5 masks in a cute mesh bag, tied together with a ribbon.
All 5 masks together.
The card included with the masks.

You can watch me try these masks, and hear my personal opinion on each individual mask in the following videos:

Mask #1:

CosDNA Analysis:
Only two ingredients came up unknown which were the generalization of "spices" and the ingredient "silk dope" which is artificial spider silk. Several ingredients came up with a low chance of causing acne or irritating the skin, which did make mer nervous about any reactions I may have to this mask.
This mask ended up being very moisturizing and calming to my face. I loved it!

Mask #2:

CosDNA Analysis:
This ingredient list is little scary with the amount of repeated ingredients and the use of a preservative as a second ingredient. However, there is really nothing bad (acne or irritant wise) to say about the ingredients of this mask.
I experienced mild itching while this mask was on my face, but it went away once the mask was removed. My face appeared a little brighter once I removed the mask, but there were otherwise no real results to speak of.

Mask #3:

CosDNA Analysis:
The "Newborn Skin Rejuvenation Cream" listed as an ingredient is odd. There are also a few items that could potentially cause acne, but they are not immediate on the list so I hoped for the best.
Unfortunately this mask caused itching and redness during and immediately following use. At first the redness died down and my face looked lighter and bright, but then my face started to feel very hot and tight. I experienced extreme redness, itching, and some swelling until shortly after an hour after I removed the mask when I washed my face and applied an aloe vera mask.

Mask #4:

CosDNA Analysis:
This mask left an oily residue on my face, which I assume is caused by the generic "Palmitic Filtrate" (which is plant or animal derived oil).

Mask #5:

CosDNA Analysis:
The 3rd ingredient on the list is ranked 5 out of 5 as a comedogenic ingredient. Despite being highly prone to producing acne, this mask made my face soft and smooth. It did have a strong fragrance, but the material was soft and thick, and felt soothing. This ended up being my favorite mask out of the bag.


Overall, this was a good assortment of masks! Aside from my reaction to the Blueberry mask and the oily residue left on my face from the Snail mask, I truly enjoyed the Royal Jelly mask and Mushroom mask.

I am however slightly disappointed that besides a card of ingredients, there is no other information about the masks. Maybe I'm spoiled by Western subscriptions and my beloved Memebox, but I do enjoy knowing about the brand I'm trying and having some information about the products I'm trying. I appreciate the brief labels on the ingredients card, but actual information about the mask itself with the full brand and name of the mask would be a huge winning point for me.

My final qualm about this subscription is the lack of diversity which was initially promised before I subscribed to Oh Sheet Mask. Unfortunately, instead of receiving masks from "Korea and beyond," Oh Sheet Mask currently only sent out sheet masks from China. I purchased this subscription on the basis that they were offering high quality, new and innovative masks from Korea along with other asian countries on top of the skincare empire. So their website was a bit misleading.

While I enjoyed a couple of these masks very much, I did cancel my subscription. Knowing not all manufacturing facilities in China are on the up-and-up, I did reach out to Oh Sheet Mask to ask about the safety of the masks received, and I personally feel the response I received was a bit rude (telling me that my question was naive instead of trying to be reassuring). Leaving my concerns about customer service aside, I am simply just disappointed in the lack of high quality and innovative masks that were initially promised. Maybe my expectations were too high? I do hope in the future Oh Sheet Mask is able to branch out and send out a more diverse sheet mask offering to it's customers, but I'll be taking a break for now.

Disclaimer: The Glitter Chic blog purchased the product(s) mentioned in this post for the purpose of review and evaluation. No monetary compensation was received for this post. This blog contains affiliate links. 

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