Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meme Mask from #Memebox #Review

Memebox is not just limited to boxes, they also have what is called the "MemeShop," and recently they branched out into producing their own brand of items to sell in the shop. This past week they released the Meme Mask, which is a hydro-gel sheet mask.
I purchased some to try myself because a) I love Memebox, b) I love sheet masks, and c) the whole concept of gel masks is totally intriguing to me.
I love the clean, fun looking packaging!
This unique hydro-gel makes the mask more moisturizing than a regular paper sheet mask and allows 10x further penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin ensuring moisture and nutrients are locked into the skin. It provides benefits of anti-aging (with hyaluronic acid and adenosine), brightening & correcting (with niacinamide), and hydration. The mask also contains aloe vera leaf extract (for elasticity and moisture), baobab extract (for tightening, toning, moisturizing, and cell regeneration), and chamomile extract (for collagen production).

The back of the envelope lists instructions and ingredients in both Korean and English.
The 2-piece mask allows for a better customized fit onto the face.
This gel mask is reinforced with a special layer between the gel to allow more stable handling of the mask.
The lower half of the mask fits my face perfectly, but can be pulled a bit for bigger faces or smushed for smaller faces.
I can't get over how flexible and squishy this mask is!
Both pieces! I need to work on the top piece a bit more bit I think the middle nose strip could be a little wider and the top piece itself a little wider as well to cover better.
I love the soothing scent of the mask, maybe it's the chamomile I'm smelling? It's fresh and calming. The mask really does feel like gel, but if it folds in on itself it's easy to pull apart and fix, it doesn't tear easily. The mask is sandwiched between two plastic sheets in the envelope, and is easy to separate. The mask is immediately cooling on the skin, and helps reduce puffiness. The cooling effect lasted the whole time the mask was on my face, and it made me feel like it was drenched with moisturizing gel, but it was hugging my face and not sliding off anywhere.

My face felt so calm and smooth after removal of the mask.
I experienced minimal pinkness in my cheeks (which is normal for me, but even less than other masks I usually use).
The moisture to my skin was phenomenal, no creasing or puckering of my skin when pressure was applied.
After I removed the mask, my face felt incredibly plump and smooth. My acne looked more calm than prior to application, and my face felt moisturized but not sticky or oily. It did not aggravate my oily skin at all or cause excess oil to be produced. I feel like these masks would be good for any skin type.

After using the Meme Mask, my night got really hectic, and I ended up skipping the rest of my skincare routine for the night; no moisturizer or serums afterwards. I expected to have dry cheeks when I woke up and an oil slick on my nose for not feeding it some good moisture - but my face seemed to have held onto the moisture from the mask all night. My face looked nice and bright in the morning, and my face still felt smooth and moisturized. This may not be the case for excessively dry skin, but for my oily skin, it's good to know how much moisture this little mask really holds.

Overall, these masks were a great purchase for me. I'll be including some in my upcoming holiday giveaway (hint, hint). I'll definitely be repurchasing these for my own personal stash.

You can find the MemeMasks in packs of 5 or sets of 3 boxes (for 15 masks total). *visit the "Memembox Discounts" tab to save some money if you decide to try these out!*

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  1. I'm glad that you had such a great experience with the masks ^_^ I hate how masks seem to fit only one type of face, making it awkward to use if your face isn't that shape. Plus I noticed that the product was made in Korea. Not that I should be surprised but its just nice to see since we know Korea has a good standard for product quality in their products #kbeautybloghop

  2. I tried mine last night and thought they were quite nice. They did kinda slip off my face which was irritating though so I might have to lay down next time - I tend to walk around with my masks on :). #kbeautybloghop

  3. I`ve been intrigued with these since I saw that Memebox released them. I may have to pick some up for myself to give them a shot. I am glad that I now know that they come in two parts, which is fantastic! #kbeautybloghop

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