Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Mask Box #Memebox #Unboxing & #Review

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Memebox: Special #38 My Mask Box
Purchase Price: $23 + $6.99 shipping
Estimated Value: $144

Whether you’re a busy career woman, a tired mother of three, or studying for finals week, we all have our off days. Wake up in the morning with deeply moisturized skin not having to worry about dryness during the night. Give your skin the extra attention it deserves with our new Mask Edition #5.

1. Pure Smile: Sheet Masks; Set of 5
Full size product is 5x 20ml; $6
There were 6 types of masks you could receive in this box, and I received the Sake masks. I was a bit unclear about the differences between each mask, but these seemed to hydrate my skin, and reduce redness from acne and scarring.

2. insobeau: Beauty Secret Step Up Bust Mask; x1
Full size product is 1ct.; $14
I admit I was excited to see something like this in a mask box. I was expecting something super moisturizing and softening - so you can imagine my disappointment when I had these foam-sticker-type-masks on my tatas for 8 hours and then have nothing happen. Girls have reported a warming effect from these, and a reduction is water retention, but I experienced absolutely nothing. I felt nothing, and nothing felt or looked differently afterwards.

3. Pro You: Pre Control Facial Mask; 200g
Full size product is 200g; $53
Swapped: I have too many pore masks right now. I didn't think I'd get to this one in a decent timeframe.

4. Milky Dress: Aqua Sleeping Pack; 50g
Full size product is 50g; $23
I thought I'd give this a try a couple times a week. Honestly, who doesn't want "younger looking skin" just by sleeping with a gel on their face overnight? The first time I used it my face was hydrated and happy looking in the morning. The second time I used it, my face turned into a greasy mess and broke out.

5. Tosowoong: Help Me Neck Mask; x2
Full size product 10ct.; $30
Memebox must have been reading my mind when they put together this box, because I've been searching for something to firm up the deep set wrinkles I have forming in my neck. I was expecting a little plumping and smoothing, but this mask nearly makes those lines disappear after each use, and the effects last several days. I've already bought more of these.

6. Purederm: Wrinkle Reducer Gel Patches; 1 box of 6 treatments
Full size product is 1 box; $12
I wear these overnight once a week and it smooths out my lines, reduces puffiness and darkness, and just makes my eye area look brighter. The price is pretty good for a product that works.

7. Elizavecca: Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack; 100ml
Full size product is 100ml; $30

This was a good mask assortment. I'll continue to purchase mask boxes from Memebox as long as they put them out =)

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