Monday, October 27, 2014

#Memebox Luckybox 7 #Unboxing & #Review

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Memebox: Luckybox #7
Purchase Price: $23 + $6.99 shipping
Estimated Value: $104

Luckybox has always brought back the best loved items from the loyal fans of Memebox! If you couldn't grab Memeboxes or Luckyboxes before it was sold-out, don't miss out this time. For Luckybox #7 we've included the best items from previous Memeboxes and Luckyboxes! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. Illi Green Tea Brightening Mask
Full size product is 1 sheet mask; $3- full size received.
This mask was just like any other sheet mask to me. It felt nice and refreshing on the skin, and left my face feeling bright, young, and hydrated after use. Nothing spectacular, but I wouldn't turn it down if I were offered another.

2. Botanic Hill Boh Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence & Boh Moist Youth Ampoule Essence
Full size products are both 50ml; $40- 4ml samples received. 
I didn't think I get to these in a timely manner, so I passed them along in swap.

3. Hanskin Bio Origin Royale Ampoule BB SPF 20PA++
Full size product is 35ml; $54- 5ml sample received.
This seemed like a product meant for dry skin, so I put it up for swap.

4. Charm Mud Green Pearl
Full size product is 180ml; $70- 90ml sample received
I had every intention of using this mud mask, but kept receiving more in Memeboxes, so I put it up for swap.

5. Mise en scene Curling Essence 2X
Full size product is 150ml; $12- full size received.
This sounded like a deep conditioning treatment for hair, but since I just cut my hair off, and it's no where near curly, I put it up for swap.

6. Illi Cleansing Oil and Foam Set
Full size products are each 200ml; $22 (Foam), $17 (Oil)- 15ml samples received.
I have been so overloaded with cleansers, I put these samples up for swap.

7. Elle Girl I Say Tiny You Say Gloss
Full size product is 5.5ml; $23- full size received.
I received a bright red color gloss, which I already have in another brand. Since I don't wear red very often I didn't need this one, and put it up for swap.

8. 23YearsOld Air-Laynic Pore Mask
Full size product is 1 mask kit; $14- full size received.
***Holy Grail alert*** This mask is freeking amazing. If I had to choose one product I loved more than anything from all the Memeboxes I've received, this would be it! You can feel it deep clean your face after application, and you have a noticeable difference in blemishes after removal. LOVE!! 

I gave away most products from this box, but I'm overjoyed to have found a mask that I will always use. That made this box more than worth it for me. I'm excited to try more Luckyboxes in the future.

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