Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Free from Oil & Trouble 4 #Memebox #Unboxing & #Review

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Memebox: Superbox #55 Free From Oil & Trouble 4
Purchase Price: $32 + $6.99 shipping
Estimated Value: $161

Turn down the shine and control excessive sebum with our Free From Oil & Troubles #4! This is the ultimate go-to box for covering those pesky little pimples, treating blemishes, and keeping skin matte all day! Our oil absorbing products are proven to work-fast, so that your skin is left refreshed, smooth, blemish free, and healthy-looking!

1. insobeau: Acnic Blemish Spot Solution; 15ml
Full size product is 15ml; $20
This is just like the spots treatment I received in a past oil and trouble box, but this one contains sulfur which is more effective on my skin. I haven't used it yet, but I'm holding onto it for breakouts that need the extra help.

2. Pro You: Aroma AC Cream; 60g
Full size product is 60g; $54
This cream contains too many different essential oils for my liking. I don't like heavily scented items because they tend to trigger migraines, and since this one contains juniper, lavender, and tea tree oil, I passed it along.

3. The Skin House: Dr. Clear Magic Toner; 130ml
Full size product is 130ml; $25
This sounded like a decent toner that would really help blemished skin, but it actually had a higher pH than what my skin tolerates without breaking out further, so I passed it along to someone with less sensitive skin.

4. Benenet: Herb & Bee A.C. Control Serum; 60ml
Full size product is 60ml; $38
I'm allergic to bees, so I couldn't use this amazing sounding serum *major sad face.*

5. Lindsay: Linzy Egg Pack; 60g
Full size product is 60g; $12
I at first thought these were like the plastic pore eggs from TonyMoly that you opened up to find product, but these eggs were the product themselves. They smell amazing and fresh, but I just don't do bar soaps, so I passed them along.

6. ideeB: Goodbye Oil Pact; 12g
Full size product is 12g; $12
I have too much makeup - enough said. This was swapped.

This box wasn't too bad, I just have found myself with pickier skin lately, so too many of these products just didn't work out for me. I love the products themselves, and I'm glad that what I couldn't use could be passed along to someone who wouldn't have trouble with them.

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