Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bubble Pop Cosmetics #Memebox #Unboxing & #Review

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Memebox: Superbox #32 Bubble Pop Cosmetics
Retail Price: $32 + $6.99 shipping
Estimated Value: $173

Beat the summer heat with the Bubble Pop Box! We all know that carbonated water is good for your health, but add it as a part of your beauty regimen? WHALA! You’ve got instantly brighter, more radiant and youthful skin! Fizzy bubbles made of highly-concentrated carbonated water will burst onto the surface to exfoliate dead skin cells and eliminate clogged pores. It instantaneously detoxifies your skin, so that you can have refreshed and baby-soft skin!

1. Brilliant LoveHeart Sparkling Powder Set
Full size product contains 5 envelope sets (a&b); $31
I was skeptical about "sparkling water" deep cleaning my skin, but when I use this stuff, I really can feel it penetrating my skin! It's an incredible feeling, and I love how clear and bright my face looks after using this powder mix. I'll be on the look-out for this set!

2. Skineralism Ice Whitening Bubble Pack
Full size product is 7ml X 6; $36
This is a hydrating and cooling mask that really does make my skin look brighter and lighter after I use it. I don't know that I'd purchase it again, but I'm enjoying it now and glad I got to try it.

3. i belivyu Cube Sparkling Sugar Scrub
Full size product is 1 jar with 7 X 8g cubes; $24
Seven cubes for $24 is ridiculous, but I'm in love with these cubes! They soften up in water and turn into this magical scrub on your skin. Both my son and I used them in our baths one night, and that took the whole jar. It was an expensive spa night for us, but well worth it. I'm on the search for this little wonder-cubes right now.

4. Oseque Melting Cleanser
Full size product is 120g; $40
Not only does this cleanser use CO2 to deep clean your skin, but it removes makeup too! I love it, love everything about it, except maybe the steep price. But I may end up deciding before the bottle it empty that the price is worth it.

5. Elensilia French CO2 Aqua
Full size product is 100g; $42
This is the only product from this box that I put up for swap. I'm a bit overloaded with moisturizers at the moment, so I didn't need another. 

I loved this box! I used all but one product, and found a couple "holy grail" products for the moment too. I'm so happy to have purchased this box, and would buy it again if it restocked. 

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