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#Memebox: Nakedbox #23 #Unboxing & #Review

Name of Box: Nakedbox 23

This box with all of its components revealed from the very beginning is dedicated to you girls out there who feel a little bit shy or hesitant in trying out our our beauty boxes. Nakedbox #23 includes items perfect for traveling! It will insure you bring all travel essentials in your pouch.

Price of Box: $23 + shipping
Estimated Box Value: $68

1. LEADERS MASK PACK 1ea 20ml (full-size product) $3 value
[Randomly selected from BIO Medi-curing Mask Aqua Dressing and Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato]
This mask hydrates and moisturizes your skin to the fullest. It’s a 100% coconut jelly mask, which gives your skin a cooled feeling. It also dramatically reduces any signs of wrinkles!
Sprinkle a small amount into the palms of the hands. Press gently into the skin of the face until the essence has soaked in.

2. LAILLY Cooling Pore Pack 50g (full-size product) $28 value
This cooling pore mask reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, helping to keep them purified, refined and smooth. Enriched with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and acai berry extracts, it also delivers intensive nourishment deep down into the dermal layer. Upon application, it delivers a cooling sensation to the skin as it contracts pores, and cleans out gunk and oil that are trapped underneath. It also contains proprietary mineral complexes that help to tighten and minimize the pores for flawless skin.
After cleansing the skin, apply a thick layer of the cream onto the skin. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and you will feel a cool warm tingle across your skin. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water.

3. TOSOWOONG Pore Tightening Serum 30ml (full-size product) $19 value
This Pore Tightening Serum leaves skin feeling silky smooth skin and shrinks and refines enlarged pores, all while providing skin whitening, and lifting and firming properties that improve the skin’s elasticity. This product helps to create a smoother, younger look. Pores are XXS sized, as if they had 'snapped back' into shape, so that skin is tighter, smoother and younger.
After exfoliating the skin, rinse and pat dry. Apply serum all over face morning and night to shrink pores.

4. TOSOWOONG Black-Head Nose Pack (8 strips) $5 value
-clean your face.
-wet on your nose with water.
-remove water on your hand. detech film.
-apply it on your nose.
-wait for 15 minutes.
-detach it slowly.

5. 23 YEARDS OLD  Air-Laynic Pore Mask 12g (sample-size product) $13 value ($35 for full size)
This unique pore mask is in the form of a syringe which contains gel-type ampoule for tightening enlarged pores and fighting against any blemishes on the nose and the cheeks, the most sensitive and oily part of your face. It’s different from other pore masks in that it’s actually a 20 minute long home therapy for a cleaner, more resilient complexion.
Spread the ampoule over the included mask sheets and place it over your nose & cheeks area. You have to be patient for 30 minutes because the ampoule will react to your skin and may actually sting a bit like a real clinic therapy. Then remove the mask and rinse off.


Overall I really like this box. It containes mostly full size products, and even the 23Years Old Pore Mask (the only sample size product in this box) contains enough product to use it twice. Everything was useful and an item I would repurchase.

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