Monday, July 7, 2014

#FysikoBeauty Eyelash Growth Serum #Review

Product Name: Eyelash Growth Serum
From: Fysiko
Type of Product: eyelash and eyebrow growth serum
Price (as of date of review): $139.00
Where To Purchase: Fyskiko Lashes website
Product Website:

About: Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is great product for anyone who is looking to enhance quantity and length of eyelashes and eyebrows. Fysiko Eyelash Serum made with natural ingredients. It will support eyelashes and enhance appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. Fysiko Eyelash Serum is great solution for women (or men) who lost eyelashes because of medication, physical damage, hormonal changes, age. Fysiko eyelash serum is easy to apply. Unscrew the lid and pull out the applicator on the end of cap. It should have some watery liquid on it. It shouldn't drop, the tip should be wet, but there should be no product dropping, if it does – it is too much product and the brush needs to be wiped on the border of Fysiko Eyelash Tube. One thin stroke on the upper eyelid on the place where eyelashes starting to grow is enough. There is no need to apply twice, or soak eyelid in the solution, or make sure that every eyelashes got the solution. Eyelashes will grow if Fysiko Eyelash Serum consistently applied every night. 

First Impression: I've never tried a product like this before, so I was both nervous about placing this product so close to my eyes and skeptical that there was a natural product on the market that really could enhance my lashes. I placed my thoughts aside and decided to give it a try. I was intrigued by the tiny little brush that came out the tube. It was very soft, and made it easy to apply the serum directly above my top lashes (Fysiko is not to be applied to your bottom lashes). I have very strong eyebrows already, so I tested this product on my eyelashes only. I paid close attention the first few times I used this serum and experienced no stinging or irritation of any kind.

My Thoughts: I used Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, morning, and night, for 16 weeks and am very happy with the results. My lashes are a bit longer, but they are noticeably fuller. I feel like this serum enhanced the lashes I already had, and encouraged new lashes to grow in sparse areas along my lash-line. The price for this product is a little steep, but one tube lasts up to one year. So you're essentially paying just under $12 a month for the chance to skip the mascara and show off your naturally full and gorgeous lashes.

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