Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Doggie Lawn #Review ~ Your Dog's Backyard, In A Box!

What is Doggie Lawn?
Doggie Lawn is a subscription service that delivers real grass in a box to dogs living in the city, or dogs who are unable to make it outdoors to do their business. You have the option to choose the frequency of your delivery (once or twice a month), and the lawn comes in two sizes (petite pooch and full-sized fido). Plans for the petite size start at $28, and plans for the full-size start at $39 (prices vary based on delivery frequency and what state you live in). You also have the option to add on a plastic holding tray for an additional $4. You can also choose to use a tray you already have, or to keep the lawn in the box it arrives in (and you can dispose of your lawn in).

Doggie Lawn is the perfect solution for city-dwellers, potty training puppies, old or aging dogs who have a hard time making it all the way outside, or housetraining a newly adopted dog to your home. Doggie Lawn is also a great eco-friendly or "green" (get it, green=grass, haha) alternative to pee pads, and a replacement option for a litter box for dogs. Because, lets be honest, what indoor dog wouldn't love the feel of fresh grass underneath their cute little paws?

I received a petitepooch lawn for the chi's to try out, and was amazed at the super fast delivery! 

I opened the box as soon as I got it in the door to get some fresh air to the grass.

The grass was a beautiful shade of green, and the special compacted soil was very moist.

The bottom of the box was lined with a wax-like coating to prevent moisture from seeping through the box to the floor.

I found that the Doggie Lawn lasted just over a week (9 days to be exact) before needing to be tossed. Doggie Lawn recommends very lightly watering your grass 1-2 times per week to extend the life of the grass, however, the grass we received was quite heavily saturated and did not need watering at all during the time we had it.

 We did keep it in an area where it would receive sunlight to stay green, and despite the light and the water, the lawn turned brown and dried up.

I find this to be a fairly reasonable amount of time for a lawn to survive indoors, especially a lawn that is going to be used as a doggie bathroom. I feel that if you choose a weekly or even bi-weekly subscription, you would not experience any troubles like this.

My only complaint about the Doggie Lawn is that, despite the waxy coating on the bottom of the box, moisture did in fact seep through the box and began to mold. This issue could be easily avoided by taking advantage of the single-time purchase of the plastic holding tray.

Despite the mold and excess moisture, the Doggie Lawn is still a product I would absolutely recommend. While we personally don't have exclusively indoor dogs, we do occasionally use pee pads, and know how bad they can smell, and know what a hassle they can be. Not the mention the plastic and chemicals they contain that contribute to the clogging up of our nations landfills. I also remember how difficult it can be to potty train a new puppy, and having a lawn indoors and easy to access during those early few months, would be an absolute life-saver to me.

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