Monday, March 24, 2014

ResVitale Collagen HydraPlump with Ceramides #Review

Spring may be here according to your calendar, but that dry and cold winter air is still lingering. This past winter has been especially difficult with the long bouts of extreme cold, it has been torture for my skin. My skin looked dry and flaky, and would turn white and actually flake off if I was so dry I itched. My arms and hands were the worst! I was surprised (and admittedly relieved) when ResVitale offered to send me a two week supply of their Collagen Hydraplump capsules with Ceramides to try out.

ResVitale is well-known for their supplements which include Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, French Melon, Green Coffee Bean, and more! Collagen Hydraplump is a unique supplement which works to restore your skins natural moisture barrier. You may have heard of Ceramides before, in skin creams which claim to moisturize and reduce the signs of aging in as little as two weeks. ResVitale's Collagen Hydraplump makes the same claim, but the Ceramides are in a supplement, not a skin cream, so they're able to improve the appearance and moisture of all your skin, not just your face.

ResVitale sent me a bottle of 30 capsules to to see how Collagen Hydraplump with Ceramides works for me and my skin. You take a capsule twice a day, so I received a two week supply.Most noticable results are achieved after 60 days, but your skins moisture barrier restoration as well as anti-aging improvements should be noticeable by two weeks.

I followed the instructions and by the end of my first week I noticed my hands were no longer cracked and dry. I didn't think much of it, but at the end of my two week trial, I noticed I wasn't reaching for my lotion several times a day anymore. I cannot comment much on the anti-aging effect this product has, but I was honestly impressed with the improvement of my skins' dryness. My skin didn't pull taught when I moved too much, I was able to just apply lotion once a day (and honestly probably didn't need that application either), my face needed less moisturizing (I actually had to buy a different moisturizer), and my skin was no longer flaky and itchy.

Overall I think this product is worth the money, and does exactly what it claims to do for you and your skin. You can purchase this product (and others by ResVitale) at GNC for $39.99. You can find more information by visiting, or by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Wow. I'd never have thought to take a supplement for improving skin dryness.