Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January BarkBox #Review and #Discount

Sorry for the outrageous delay with January's BarkBox review, it's been a heck of a past few weeks! 

Here's what the chi's received in their January BarkBox:

Pet Qwerks Chevron Bear:
Very colorful and has a squeaker. Venus has claimed this as her own and will not allow it to be taken out of her bed. I'm seeing this valued at roughly $7 by other BarkBox recipients, though I cannot actually find it for sale online, leading me to believe that it's a BarkBox exclusive item.

Loving Pets Barksters:
At first I thought these were puffed sweet potato (and they are, with beef too) but the smell threw me off. They smell fried, which made me nervous, but they are not greasy, nor are they actually fried. They are wheat and gluten free, and they are made in New Jersey. Average price per package is $9

Think! Dog Alligator Jerky Treats:
These made me laugh a little, until a realized they were made from real alligator. Then I had to let the girls try them right away. These are perfect for tiny pups, and are also great for dogs with allergies to more common proteins. Average price per package is $7.

Harry Barker Tug n' Toss:
Great for chewers, teethers, retreivers, and more. Very brightly colored, and softer than other rope toys I've bought in the past. Made from AZO-free dye on cotton, and is machine washable! Comes in three different sizes and a variety of colors. Average price on these is about $6-$10 depending on size. 

Etta Says Deer Chew:
A special blend of deer meat and rawhide, keeps your dogs teeth and gums clean. Venus loved this! Priced at roughly $2 a stick. 

You can enjoy the fun goodies with your dog too!

BarkBox offers three subscription lengths in three different sizes. Small and cute ranges from 0-20 pounds, Just Right ranges from 20-50 pounds, and Big & Bold is for dogs 50 pounds and up. You can be billed monthly for $29 a month, every three months for $24 a month ($72 every three months), or every six months for $19 a month ($114 billed every six months). 

You can take $5 off any new subscription ($24 for a single month, $67 for a three month subscription, or $109 for a six month subscription) if you subscribe using this link:

Or use coupon code NCXCSBZWX7 at checkout.

Disclaimer: Baby and the Chi's blog received the product(s) mentioned in this post for the purpose of review and evaluation. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. What an adorable box! I wish they would do something like this for cats, though!

  2. wow this is pretty awesome, i like that the dog not only got treats to eat but a toy ;) thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143

  3. I have seen a couple of great review about this and still hesitated, not really sure!! thanks so much for sharing!!! going to look into it!!!

  4. What a neat box, I even love the chevron bear. I am sure your adorable dog enjoyed all the good treats.Now I am missing my favorite puppy when I was a kid. I wish we have these treats in my country when I was growing up

  5. I have to tell my father about this box. His poodle is his baby. I'm sure he would want one for his little poodle. That dog is so spoiled. They pretty cool too.

  6. Our dogs would love a box of goodies like this. Sparkie loves almost any treat and Tanner does too as long as it is something softer. Sparkie also loves toys, he has several doggie stuffed animals that he plays with.

  7. I love the box. Will have to think about getting this for my grand-dog.

  8. Awe,I think your pup is sooo cute and my dog Tiger would just love to get a Bark Box :) I bet dog's get used to the time that the box gets delivered and just get so excited to see the mail man :)