Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Save Big on Textbooks With CampusBookRentals.com!

If you're a college student like me, you know how expensive textbooks can be. You use them for a semester or two, and then get next to nothing back when the end of the semester comes and you sell your book back to your college at a "book-buy-back." CampusBookRentals.com is here to ease that cost and save you some money by allowing you rent your textbooks for a fraction of what you'd pay your college for your books. I (shamefully) already purchased my books from my school, and decided to see how much I could have saved by renting my books this semester vs buying.

Above are the three books I needed for my nursing classes this semester. You can see the cost to rent all three together would be $151.12. Can you guess what I paid by buying? Take a guess before you scroll down to my receipt...

The following photo is my actual receipt from my college book store. It has not been altered:

That's right, I paid $494.75! There is a $6 charge on my receipt for a binder of handouts we are required to buy from one of our teachers, so minus that cost, I could have saved $337.63! I am in shock, and as of right now, will probably never buy another book through school again.

How does it work?

On average, college students are saving 40-90% on their books when using CampusBookRentals.com. They offer free shipping when you rent your books and pay for you to ship them back when you're finished. You can highlight important notes just like the book is your own for future reference when studying for exams, without being penalized. CampusBookRentals also offers flexible renting periods; you can choose from their predetermined rental periods which are priced accordingly, or you can tell them when you'll be returning it if you need it longer. Not only are they helping you save money, but CampusBookRentals also donates to Operation Smile each time textbook is rented!

Now, maybe you were like me and already have a stockpile of textbooks at home and are reading this post wondering how it's going to benefit you. Well, get ready for this. CampusBookRentals now has a new program where you can rent out your textbooks for a fee to other students! RentBack.com allows you to make two to four times more back for your textbooks than most book buy-back programs available at colleges. Check out the video below to see how it works:

I don't know about you, but I'm fairly positive I'll be renting my books from now on at CampusBookRentals.com. Even if I buy (or with the books I've already bought) I'll be offering them to other students for savings to them and profit for me at RentBack.com! You can check out more info about either program at their respective sites. Don't keep these savings to yourself, make sure you share both sites with friends, family, and fellow students!

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  1. I think this is a great idea because it's SO expensive! I remember how much my text books cost and it just wasn't worth it. I would have loved to have had this option :)

  2. I wish Campus Book Rentals existed when I was in college. That would have been a big saver for me.

  3. I so wish they had that when I was in college.