Friday, December 13, 2013

PureBites Single Ingredient Dog Treats #Review

Dog treats (make that all pet treats in general) can be a scary subject these days. So many recalls due to contaminated ingredients that are probably questionable to begin with. Maybe you look for quality treats from trustworthy companies, but have a dog with special food requirements such as an allergy. Our family falls under that second statement where Venus has allergies, so even "safe" treats are questionable as to whether she'll react to an ingredient or not.

Thankfully, to solve all those problems, there's PureBites. PureBites are single ingredient treats, made in the USA, for dogs and cats. Both dog and cat treats are simply a freeze dried meat, vegetable, or cheese. Cat treats are essentially the same (give or take a few flavors) except they are a smaller easier size for cats. Both dog and cat treats can be broken apart into smaller pieces.

Dog treats are available as bison liver, turkey breast, duck, ocean whitefish, trail mix (beef liver, green beans, and sweet potato), cheddar cheese, chicken breast, and beef liver.

Cat treats are available as turkey breast, ocean whitefish, chicken breast, beef liver, and shrimp.

PureBites sent the chi's beef liver, turkey breast, chicken breast, and duck. All four of these flavors were a huge hit. I honestly can't say that they were more or less excited about one flavor over another.

The beef liver did need to be broken in half for Ocean as they are large solid rectangles, the chicken and turkey were perfect little sizes, but the duck was a little dusty. There were large chunks, small bits, and duck dust that ended up being a food topper for the girls inside that particular bag. That is my only complaint, if I can really even call it that. 

PureBites made it into almost every doggie Christmas gift we put together this year!

You can find more information about PureBites pet treats on their website. You can keep in touch with them and follow their updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Baby and the Chi's was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of providing a honest and truthful review. We received no monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Looks so great for the doggies out there!

  2. I'm glad they also make then for cats too. We don't have dogs, but yes I agree with all the questionable ingredients in a lot of pet foods out there.

  3. My beagle (just like the one on the bag!) is hooked on beef and bacon strips. I see all the varieties to satisfy a dog and wonder should we give some a try. It is true, giving treats to dogs is getting too scary.