Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas has always been a stressful time of year for me. Growing up I had to split each holidays with each of my parents and step-parents, which was just far too much for a child to have to deal with. The holidays have since been a simple occasion for just Jer and I to spend time together as a family with the chi's, that is, until we started sharing it with Gabe. His first Christmas was right before he turned one year old, and he had fun walking around and investigating everyone's gifts. Last year he ran around and tried to open everyone's gifts. This year, I expect him to claim all the gifts as his own and probably throw a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants! Never-the-less, I'm still super excited for this year. My almost three year old baby boy has a greater understanding of Santa, and Christmas Trees (as well as other decorations), making presents for family, and his favorite - Christmas music! The past month has been a blast with him as he's helped me set up the tree and hang the stockings, and helped my parents decorate their home. I simply cannot wait to watch him fully enjoy this years Christmas holiday!

Hugs & Chi-Chi Kisses,
Samantha, Baby Gabe, and the Chi's

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  1. i think its just wonderful and so exciting when its there first christmas, you look into there eyes and you can see that there just in amazement of what is this or what is going on LOL love it thanks for share @tisonlyme143