Thursday, December 26, 2013

December BarkBox #Review and Discount

The girls received their December BarkBox last week! Shipping was a little slow due to the holiday, but they still were able to enjoy their goodies for Christmas!

Here's what was included in this months' box:

Simply Fido Rope Toy:

This toy is made of organic cotton fabric, recycled fiber filling, is non-toxic, uses low eco impact dyes, and is environmentally friendly. There wasn't an identifying name for the toy, but if I had to guess I would say it's a goat rope toy. I could not find this particular one online, so maybe it was an exclusive for BarkBox? Average retail value for these particular Simply Fido toys is around $10. 

GoDog Yeti:

This was my favorite of the two toys in the box because it has a squeaker (Venus' favorite) but it also features "Chew Guard Technology" which is a black mesh netting underneath the outer fabric, preventing your dog from ripping apart the toy. So far, this technology has worked beautifully! Normal stuffed squeaker toys last a maximum of an hour in our home with Venus, but this is still going strong after a week! We received a mini in our "small" box which retails for about $10.

Planet Dog eats:

Wheat, corn, soy, and wheat-gluten free! We received Chicken and pumpkin pot pie flavor treats which naturally supports digestion with that yummy pumpkin. Normally we're not a biscuit household, but these were a nice size for the girls! These are normally sold in 12oz boxes for $10, but were sent in sample sizes of 4oz to BarkBox subscribers, which would probably be about $3.50 each.

Bistro Bites:

Teeny tiny crunchy treats, these have been a huge hit! They smell like peanut butter and are a little more airy than kibble, so easier to chew I think for the girls. A four ounce box runs about $8. 


These are the most absolute favorite thing for both our girls, out of all treats, toys and chews they've ever tries. They are long lasting and help keep their teeth clean! A single 6" junior bully stick from Barkworthies is just under $3.

You can enjoy the fun goodies with your dog too!
BarkBox offers three subscription lengths in three different sizes. Small and cute ranges from 0-20 pounds, Just Right ranges from 20-50 pounds, and Big & Bold is for dogs 50 pounds and up. You can be billed monthly for $29 a month, every three months for $24 a month ($72 every three months), or every six months for $19 a month ($114 billed every six months). 

You can take $10 off any new subscription ($19 for a single month, $62 for a three month subscription, or $104 for a six month subscription) if you subscribe using this link:

Or use coupon code NCXCSBZWX7 at checkout.

This $10 code is only valid through 12/31/2013! Starting 1/1/2014, this code will still work, but only be worth $5, so order now for maximum savings!


  1. i don't know what's cuter.... :D

  2. Aww looks like so much fun. Love the pink monster toy :)

    Michelle F.

  3. The simply fido toy is so cute. I'm sure my dogs would love to play with it also. And the treats look really delicious. A nice box I must say.

  4. I totally love the toys, I would not share them with my puppies :) Selfish I know, hehe

  5. What a great idea. I need a box for my cats. lol. That yeti toy is too cute.

  6. I really want to have a dog pet but my hubby and I haven't decided yet because we don't know of anyone who can take care of it when we go for an extended vacation overseas. These sounds like great products.

  7. This looks like a great deal, I love those chew toys. Thank you for sharing this review.