Friday, October 25, 2013

Ocean Had A Seizure

I'm still panicky right now, so I apologize if this post seems scattered.

Jer took off work today because he has only been getting part of a day off each weekend instead of the whole weekend, and it's really been hard on Gabe, so he stayed home with Gabe and the girls while I had class this morning. When I got home Jer mentioned that Ocean had been really clingy and whiny today, which I assumed was because I was gone because she's more attached to me than Jer or Gabe.

I was home for a couple hours and Ocean started pacing really fast, I thought she suddenly had to go out so I pulled the hose out of the fish tank (was in the middle of a water change) and before I could turn around Jer was calling to Ocean to please stop and telling her that she was ok. I turned around and she was spinning in circles and her eyes kept darting back and forth. I started screaming and crying and scooped her up into my arms trying to calm her. She was able to come out of it, Venus was frantically trying to lick her, and Jer kept explaining that that's what Missy used to do during her seizures. 

Missy (for anyone who may not remember my mentioning her back in this blogs days before Gabe) was a chihuahua mix Jer had bought for his mom a month before she passed away. After Jer's dad remarried, his new wife and him got into a huge fight and [being more concerned with making a scene and upsetting each other than paying attention] they backed out of the driveway out of rage and ran over her. She bled out in Jer's arms.

I've sent an email to Oceans previous owner asking if she has a history with seizures that she failed to mention or if this would be the first time.  I'm also trying to find a vet that will be able to check her over thoroughly and take payments from us so we can see what's going on. She seems fine now, but I'm worried for her, and I know Jer cannot emotionally handle going through this with another dog. Thankfully Gabe was in the bathroom for the majority of everything so we didn't have to try to explain what was happening to him.

I'm just asking that if you can, please keep Ocean in your thoughts and pray this was a one time thing. I plan to keep you all updated as we find out more.

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  1. That must have been scary to see that. We hope that nothing like that happens again.