Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Natural Dog Snout Soother #Review

Dry skin isn't just a problem for us humans, you know. Along with dry skin and fur, dogs noses can take a lot of damage and dryness too. Natural Dog Company has come up with the perfect solution for dogs noses, and more!

Their Natural Dog Snout Soother is an all natural balm made from shea nut butter, organic hempseed oil, kukui nut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosemary extract, natural vitamin e, and candelilla wax. [click here to find out more about these ingredients] Natural Dog Company lists on their website that their Snout Soother can be used for:
  • dry/cracked/chapped/crusty dog nose
  • hyperkeratosis
  • nose rolls and folds
  • pain relief
  • windburn prevention
  • natural sunscreen (kukui nut oil, shea nut butter, and vitamin e provide about a spf 9)
  • extreme weather protection
  • dry dog skin
  • rashes and skin irritations
  • puppy acne
  • fading scars
  • canine dry eye
  • discoid lupus
  • brachycephalic breeds
  • potassium bromide nose
  • shiny show dog noses
  • and people too! (feet, elbows, knees, hands, face, lips...)
Now, I'll admit that after I read up on this product, I really felt like I had been neglecting the chis' noses. They never looked cracked to me, but I will also [shamefully] say that I never paid *close* attention to their noses. I had tried different balms in the past for Venus' paws because of her allergies causing redness, dryness, and cracking as well as her itch-relieving chewing wrecking complete havoc on her nails. Of course after paying closer attention, I noticed how dry and chapped Venus' nose was!

When we first received our Snout Soother we started applying it every morning and night. I noticed a difference as soon as I applied the balm to Venus' nose. The results would last a few hours at first, but after a few weeks I was able to start applying the balm just once a day as her nose had begun to repair itself with the use of the Snout Soother. I always apply it right before bed so it can work it's hardest while she's sleeping and her body is busy healing itself. Of course both Venus and Ocean try to lick at it as soon as I rub it on their noses, but since the balm is 100% natural there was no reason to worry! Of course, this was a great time for the girls to play with their Nina Ottosson puzzle while I waited for the balm to soak in.

I've been very happy with our Natural Dog Snout Soother! Not only has it kept the girls' noses in check, but I've been using it on Venus' paws as well, and for the first time after trying several different balms over the years, I have finally noticed a dramatic improvement! I've been using it on Gabe's cheeks, on my legs and hands, and we've both been using it as a lip balm.

Natural Dog Snout Soother can be purchased on their website; a 2oz tin for $15.95, a travel size for $4.95, and a tin of each for $17.95. Natural Dog Company also ships internationally.

You can connect with Natural Dog Company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Disclaimer: Baby and the Chi's received the item(s) mentioned above for the purpose of providing a 100% honest review. No monetary compensation was received in exchange for this review.


  1. Hah! This is great! I never even thought about a product for something like this - great idea for BOTH cats and dogs!

  2. Oh my cattle dog could totally use this. This time of the year he gets bad allergies and rubs his nose and snout!

  3. Aw!! The Things They Think Of Looks Soothing For Your Dog!

  4. I dogsat an English Bulldog who had the dryest, most cracked, saddest looking nose. This would've been the perfect solution for him!!

  5. I've never had an issue with any of my dogs' noses - until recently. Myu senior Treeing Walker Coonhound, Suki, has developed very dry patches on her nose. I've tried a couple of different products, which just didn't do enough. I'd love to try this one. .

  6. One of our dogs has scars (he is a rescue so I don't know where they came from). They get kind of flaky and scaly so I like to put salve on them, right now I am using calendula salve but this would work perfectly!

  7. I have never thought about my dogs nose needing care like human skin this is a great Idea I really need to get some of this for my dogs

  8. Your dogs are so cute! I also have a Chiquaqua. Its getting cold weather so I think this balm would be a good idea. Susan Broughton

  9. I'm a groomer and I HATE seeing cracked dog noses, I think HOW can they not notice/care about that! I've used foot creams, but nothing that was able to be used on noses (even though mine are fine) I think it would be a neat thing to try!

  10. I love this product and would really like to try it out on our dog. We recently found out that he has an autoimmune disorder and because of this his nose is sometimes dry and sensitive. This would be a great product for us :)

  11. My dog sometimes has dry nose skin but didnt think much of it. Thanks for the great review and tips def will look into this more :D

  12. My dogs love to play in the cold and snow, but it dries out their pads and noses. I never knew there was anything that could help. Thank you.

  13. This is great that a company has created a product like this! My dog's nose has been dry before, but I've never known what to do. I love that people can use this also!

  14. I have seen some dogs get really cracked noses when they get old. This would be great if it prevented that.