Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Scholls For Her Comfort Insoles to the Rescue!

Thank you Influenster for sending us these amazing inserts from Dr Scholl's!

Having foot and back problems, I've tried several different expensive inserts in the past with claims to ease the pain I was experiencing, but none ever could. I had long since given up on inserts and came to the realization that I would always have to just deal with the pain. This year has been the worse, with the cold weather coming in overnight I've been in too much pain to walk.

Influenster recently sent me a pair of Dr Scholl's for Her inserts in their latest MamaVoxBox and I skeptically decided to try them out. However, I was pleasantly surprised! They are super squishy, and the comfort lasts! I was able to wear my shoes out for the day and walk comfortably, and wasn't raring to kick my shoes off as soon as I walked through the door.

Dr Scholl's has made me a lifetime customer and a believer in comfortable insoles. I couldn't be happier! I recommend buying a pair for each pair of shoes you wear regularly, so you don't have to move them out and around each day.

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