Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Dog Expenses

Can you believe it's September already? I sure can't... But with school starting, I guess it's too hard to deny now! Of course with a new month starting, that means it's time to share this months expenses for Venus and Ocean. You may have noticed last month I called it our pet expenses, but our Facebook followers have seen that we recently added a fish tank to our home, so I've renamed this the "dog expense" post. I'm not really sure I want to point out to myself how much has been spent on this tank already....

Food: $20 -I really didn't need to buy food, but I came across a deal to buy 12 (13oz) cans of Ziwipeak Venison for $20 (including shipping) so I just couldn't pass it up! That was more than 50% savings!

Vet/Medical: $0 -No mishaps this month, no check-ups, and didn't need to buy any preventatives.

Treats & Toys: $0 -We received our BarkBox and Pawalla boxes this month, but they were paid for in July so there were no expenses this month. Pawalla closed down, and I'm holding off on BarkBox for another week until I can purchase a 6 month subscription.

Gear: $0

Misc.: $0

Total dog expenses this month: $20.

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