Thursday, September 26, 2013

@BioBag Certified Compostable Bags #Review

On my search for a more eco-friendly poo bag, I have another bag I'd like to share with you! I'd like to introduce you to BioBag. BioBags are certified compostable bags made from plants, vegetable oil, and a new innovative product called Mater-Bi. Mater-Bi is made from plants (like corn) and biodegradable polymers allowing it to be as versatile as plastic, yet still be consumed by micro-organisms in the soil. I received one of all three available packs of BioBags for review: one 3-pack of bags on a spindle roll (for use in a bag dispenser), one box of standard sized bags, and one box of large sized bags.

I like the feel of these bags. They feel thick and durable, and have plenty of room to *safely* pick up dog waste from the lawn. These would work well to clean out a cat litter box as well, but just remember to not compost cat waste. Although these bags will break down, and then allow waste to break down once exposed to the air as well, I still decided to not tie these bags, and to flush to dog poop I had picked up, and then compost the bags. It felt so much better to use biodegradable bags vs throwing plastic bags in the trash! I will never be able to use regular plastic waste bags again.

Not only does BioBag produce pet waste bags, but they also make food waste bags, lawn & leaf bags, packaging film, sandwich bags, and shopping bags too!

BioBags comply with California's state laws regarding compost-ability and biodegradability of products, and are available for purchase online, or in stores in the states of California, Oregon, Minnesota, Texas and Washington. BioBags are also available for purchase in Canada.

You can connect with BioBag via their blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on BioBag product news, events, tips, and coupons!

Look out for a giveaway event in the near future featuring BioBags as part of the prize!

Friday, September 13, 2013

@Thundershirt ThunderLeash #Review

Not too long ago I shared my review of the ThunderShirt for dogs. Ocean loves her ThunderShirt, but as you may recall, ThunderWorks offers several other anti-anxiety products now too! I was so excited when I was later presented with the opportunity to share the Thunderleash with you.

The Thunderleash is the "anti-pull leash solution" to prevent strain on the neck of dogs who pull when excited, anxious, or just can't be patient enough for their owners *wink*. What's unique about this leash is that is has special easy hardware that turns this into a leash/harness combo, plus you can use it just as a leash if you wish as well.

Please watch the video below to see how it works:

As I mentioned in the video, the leash comes in two sizes: small for dogs 12-25 pounds, and large for dogs larger than 25 pounds. Venus is around 15 pounds, and I found it worked very well for her. We use her ThunderLeash all the time now. 

I honestly have no complaints about the leash. I think it's an excellent product, even if you don't have a problem puller. 

The ThunderLeash is sold on the their website for $29.95; ; and connect with ThunderWorks on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
Disclaimer: I was sent the product(s) mentioned in this post for review purposes only. I was not compensated for my review. I have provided an honest review using an opinion that is 100% my own.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Dog Expenses

Can you believe it's September already? I sure can't... But with school starting, I guess it's too hard to deny now! Of course with a new month starting, that means it's time to share this months expenses for Venus and Ocean. You may have noticed last month I called it our pet expenses, but our Facebook followers have seen that we recently added a fish tank to our home, so I've renamed this the "dog expense" post. I'm not really sure I want to point out to myself how much has been spent on this tank already....

Food: $20 -I really didn't need to buy food, but I came across a deal to buy 12 (13oz) cans of Ziwipeak Venison for $20 (including shipping) so I just couldn't pass it up! That was more than 50% savings!

Vet/Medical: $0 -No mishaps this month, no check-ups, and didn't need to buy any preventatives.

Treats & Toys: $0 -We received our BarkBox and Pawalla boxes this month, but they were paid for in July so there were no expenses this month. Pawalla closed down, and I'm holding off on BarkBox for another week until I can purchase a 6 month subscription.

Gear: $0

Misc.: $0

Total dog expenses this month: $20.

Earth Friendly {Pet} Products Review

Earth Friendly Products has been a leader in the eco-concience revolution for decades. If you've shopped around for plant based laundry detergents, you've probably seen their Ecos line in many organic markets, grocery stores, and even your local Wal-Mart. But did you know that Earth Friendly Products has much more to offer than just laundry detergent? Dish soaps, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, carpet cleaners, and even multi-purpose cleaners; all plant based and never ever tested on animals. The soaps used in their detergents and cleaners break down in water before they can harm any plant or aquatic life. They are also biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, petroleum-free, and have a neutral ph. [You can read more about Earth Friendly Products here.] It seems like they have every kind of cleaning product you could possibly ever need (oh, and did I mention they have eco-friendly ice melt?), so you can just about imagine how excited I was when I saw their pet product line!

Earth Friendly Products sent us a bottle of their Pet Stain & Odor Remover and a container of their Pet Wipes to try out with Venus and Ocean.

The Pet Stain & Odor Remover spray is for use on stains and odors caused by pet accidents, urine, blood, food, vomit, and other natural waste by-products. We presented the ultimate test for this spray with a spot in Gabe's room. Gabe managed to pee outside his crib a short while ago, and in the process of trying to clean it up, he made a game of trying to pee in the same spot on the carpet for three nights in a row. The spot kept spreading as I tried blotting and scrubbing. It no longer smelled like pee, but the color and placement of the spot made it a little obvious what had caused it.

After less than five minutes, the spot was almost completely gone. I think I went back to check Gabe's room 20 times throughout the rest of the day to make sure it didn't magically come back, and it didn't! I am still in shock over this. This spray is amazing! It leaves a nice citrus scent too.


The Pet Wipes are perfect for in-between baths. Perfect for use on your pets face, paws, anus, and ears. These wipes are also great for controlling allergen-causing dander.

I don't like giving full baths because I worry about dry skin and irritating Venus' skin due to her allergies, so these have been great. Especially for Miss Ocean, who loves to roll around outside in the lawn. Another use that I found particularly helpful was using them in conjunction with an upset tummy. Ocean seems to have a very sensitive tummy, and I hate letting her straight in the house when she has the runs, because she sits down right away. Ugh! But I've been keeping this wipe tub right by the door and it has been one of those items that I swear I don't know how I made it without before now! I loved that the wipes had a nice fresh citrus scent as well.

You can purchase Earth Friendly Products on their website. You can also connect with Earth Friendly Products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and MySpace.