Friday, August 16, 2013

August Pawalla Mini Box Review

This is my second Pawalla monthly pet box review, the first was of their deluxe box. I was excited to try their mini box as I did not need the canned food from the deluxe. The mini box costs $20 per month, and $18 a month if you sign up for a 6 month subscription up front. I was surprised when I got the shipping notice for this box on August 5th, as I assumed that the ship date was around the 15th like last time I had ordered. Upon reading further in their FAQ, however, I found that your ship date depends on when you order.

This is what we received in our August Mini Box:

Scout and Zoe's - Sweet Potato Treats:
Sliced, dehydrated sweet potatoes. I was happy to see something like this in the box! Both the girls seem to really like these. They retail for $9.99 on Pawalla (on sale right now for $6.99) and for $9.99 at Scout and Zoe's.

Locomotion Pet Treats - Honey Apple flavor:
These smell amazing, but they are hard as a rock. Venus just licked them and looked at me. I had to set up a knife on top of them and slam it down to break them into smaller pieces, and it still took her a few minutes to finish the small cookie portions. These were a no-go for Ocean. These are for sale on Pawalla for $7.99 for a 4oz box (on sale now for $5.50) and you can also find them at Locomotion Pet Treats for $5.99 for a 1 pound package.

Beaudacious Bubbles - Herbal formula Shampoo Bar
We actually haven't tried this yet. Unfortunately the smell is so strong it severely burns my sinuses. I had to seal it in a box and put it under my sink. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to ever use it =( Pawalla sells these 2oz bars for $3.50 and Michaels Magical Garden (maker of Beaudacious Bubbles Canine Shampoo) also sells the 2oz bars for $3.50.

Doggles plush mini toys - Slipper & Bone
These are super cute toys, and both Venus and Ocean loved them. Unfortunately Venus was able to puncture the squeaker in both toys within two minutes, so they didn't last long. Neither pup will play with a once-squeaky toy once it's squeaker is gone... So these were a bust. I wish they had sent toys with more durable squeakers. Pawalla doesn't sell these toys on their site as of yet, but you can buy 6 for $18 on (making them $3 a piece).

Overall, I just wasn't impressed with this box. I cancelled my subscription for now. I just feel that a monthly subscription of treats and toys would be of better value if I set $20 aside and forced myself to pick out my own new treats and toys that we've never tried before. Maybe I'll subscribe again in the future, or perhaps just try the deluxe box again, as that seemed like a better value. Hopefully this months' BarkBox is less disappointing.

Did you receive a Pawalla box this month? Do you have any comments or concerns regarding the issues I've stated above? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the product(s) mentioned in this post with my own personal money. We were not offered monetary compensation for review, and our opinion is 100% our own.  


  1. pampering a pooch is the cutest idea ever ! we pamper preggers moms at !

  2. When we had a dog they did not have these ideas and I think they are good ideas. I have bought these kinds of things for our baby and have liked it, but it does get expensive and I canceled it too. Our dog is/was like yours - tear up anything with a squeaker in it then not play with it. I agree - I would put the money to the side and try a different toy for less money than to pay the subscription - it is a good idea, though...

  3. Hallies_mom, I feel the same way! When I had a dog, they didn't have these cool subscription boxes and I really wish they would have because just seeing all the cool stuff inside makes me want to go find my sister's dog and get it a fun treat. And yes, I agree with the general thought that those boxes (while fun) cost a lot in the long run. I'm a subscription-box-aholic too, so it's probably good that I DON'T have pets anymore or I'd be even more broke :D

  4. These are a great idea, our pets should be able to be pampered they are part of the family

  5. I agree that it may be much for a monthly subscription. Money better spent elsewhere. However, this looks like it may be a great gift for a new dog owner. Will check it out. Thanks for the evenhanded review!

  6. I'm sorry this didn't work for you and your girls. It sounds like a good idea - getting to try new things but that can go good or bad. I think my little girl would like the sweet potatoes and the plush, but, like yours, the hard stuff would throw her off. I'm glad that you pamper your babies though and want the best for them.
    Sherry Compton