Monday, July 29, 2013

July Pet Expenses

Inspiration for this blog post comes from Dachshund Nola. Her explanation of this post (and probably further months to come) is simply sharing the cost of your dog each month. So, here we go!

July Expenses for Venus and Ocean:

Food: $0 - Between coupons and winning a photo contest from "I and Love and You", I have not paid for any food this month.

Vet/Medical: $0

Treats & Toys: $30 - $13 for an August Pawalla box, the rest were random toys and treats

Gear: $18 for a new Puppia harness for Ocean

Misc: $1 for a pack of poop bags at the Dollar Tree

Total pet cost for July: $49

Not bad! Ocean has been needing a new harness since we brought her home. She's been using an old one of Venus' but it fits a little funny. I bought it with sale money from eBay, so it worked out well!

Care to share how much you spent?

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