Friday, June 21, 2013

Pawalla Review and Coupon Code

You've heard of BarkBox, but have you heard about Pawalla? Pawalla is the first monthly subscription for pets, that's right, not just dogs, but cats can join in the monthly fun and spoiling too!

Pawalla gives you many options when setting up your subscription plan. You start by picking the size of your box (mini or deluxe), then you fill out your pet profile. Your pet profile will ask you what kind of pet you have (dog or cat), age (0-12 months, 1-7 years, or 7+ years), and size (less than 25 pounds or more than 25 pounds). Pawallas' products are picked by a pet nutritionist to ensure they are both safe any healthy. All treats, chews, and canned foods are sourced from the USA. Pawalla strives to make sure the consumable products in their boxes are natural and organic products. Toys and grooming products are sourced worldwide.

4-5 full-size products
Treats, toys, and a surprise item (no wet food)
Starting at $20 a month with free shipping

7-9 full size products
Wet food, treats, toys, supplements/vitamins, and essentials
Starting at $30 a month with free shipping

Pawalla box compared to BarkBox

We received a coupon from a friend, so I placed an order for a deluxe box, and this is what we received:

RedBarn Naturals:
We received a 13oz can of both Stewy Louie (beef) and Lamb-Baa-Da (lamb). Because of Oceans' teeth, she is on a wet food diet, which was a big reason why I choose the deluxe box (canned food is always included). Both flavors were a huge success and we've added RedBarn into our can rotation.

Cloud Star Dynamo Functional Treats:
We received a 5oz bag of both the Tummy (pumpkin and ginger flavor) and Skin & Coat (salmon flavor) treats. These treats are grain free, gluten free, all natural, and wheat/corn/soy free. Ocean was kinda picky with these, but Venus loves them. They were a little long so I cut them in half, and now they are perfect size for her. I love that they actually have a function besides just being a tasty treat!

Pet Head - Dry Clean:
I was overjoyed when I saw this lime green spray bottle in the box! Dry Clean is a Blueberry Muffin scented spray shampoo that I used to buy when Jer and I were in the semi and Venus was still a puppy. Boy did this take me down memory lane... This spray makes the dogs smell so fresh and yummy. It's not sticky, it dries nice, and it's super convenient to use!

Charming Pet Products:
We received Lily the Lion in our Pawalla box. These toys are made in the China out of all natural latex. It's nice and squeaky (which Venus loves) but it smells like a rubber balloon and unfortunately for us, Jer is allergic to latex, so this toy is only allowed out when he's going to be on the road for the whole week so we can put it away a couple days before he comes home.

Overall, I absolutely loved this box. I'm taking a break from the subscription to purchase a couple different things for the dogs, but I plan to continue this monthly box in the near future, and would recommend it to anyone with a dog or cat.

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Use the following link to receive $6.50 off of your first Pawalla box, for dog or cat:

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the product(s) mentioned in this post with my own personal money. We were not offered monetary compensation for review, and our opinion is 100% our own.  

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