Monday, January 7, 2013

How And Why I Started Cloth Diapering

It doesn't feel as long ago as it really was, but realizing that Gabe's second birthday is only three days away really puts the time-frame into perspective. I didn't have this blog yet when I was pregnant, but anyone who was reading my old blog at the time knew about the struggles we were having when we found out we were pregnant with our miracle baby. Jared's dad had just passed away (his mom had passed when he was 17) and so we had just moved back out here to be close to my family. It was almost a month exactly after we moved that I realized I was late. About 2 months late. And sure enough, a HPT showed up positive, and a Dr's appointment confirmed that we had conceived about a week before we moved! Things were going great, but towards the end of my second trimester Jer lost his job, and we needed to figure out how to save as much money as possible. I was in a birth group from and another mom started posting pictures of her cloth diaper stash. I was intrigued. What better way to save money than buy diapers once instead of more disposables each week! I started searching around and ended up winning some blog giveaways and received our first cloth diapers totally free! I got a Babies 'R' Us gift card for Christmas that year and bought 2 new bumGenius 4.0 pockets, and got 12 small SwaddleBees prefolds and 3 Econobum covers from a lotto on We also received a gift of 6 handmade newborn fitteds and 2 size 1 Thirsties Duo wraps from a friend on APA. We were set!

Once Gabe was born I was winning more giveaways and found a good deal online on used BG 4.0's and ended up with a stash of about 30 pocket diapers by the time he was 3 months old. Of course we ended up changing up our stash completely over the past couple years, but we've stuck with our goal of saving money.