Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kael&Kaed Un-Paper Towels Review and Discount Code

I was selected back in February to review a new product made by Kael&Kaed, which happened to be something I was really wanting to try, but too cheap to make a formal purchase. I was sent 4 un-paper towels (meaning, cloth and reusable VS paper and trash). I'll elaborate what I mean by being to cheap to make a formal purchase of un-paper towels, by saying that I've basically picked up a back of 12 washcloths from the local dollar store for about $3, and that's what I use for "un-paper towels" around the house. For cleaning, for wiping dirty faces, hands, and messes. Even for draining fried foods. Sure, they aren't anything cute to look at, but they do the job! So being able to try something that is cute to look at was just icing and sprinkles on a long waiting cake.

Aside from the cotton prints, and the super soft woven fabric on the opposite side, I love that these un-paper towels have snaps. If you're new to these like I was, you're probably wondering right now why on earth there are snaps on a piece of cloth that's to be used as a paper towel. Well, it's actually a pretty genius idea, especially in a family environment where people will be looking for a roll of paper towels, not a stack of cloths. Yeah, that's right, it's to snap the towels together so they can be formed into a roll.

The only problem I had was that these were so much smaller than a paper towel (measuring 6.5"x10" each), that even with 2 layers of cloth I didn't find them to absorb very much. Not that I wouldn't use them, but this smaller size worked best for wiping dirty tables or countertops, or cleaning up the baby, instead of soaking up a spill.

Aside from that, they have made a permanent addition to out kitchen. Tasha, the mama behind the scenes at Kael&Kaed would like to offer you all 20% off instock items in her shop, by using code JUNE20OFF.

You can visit Kael&Kaeds' shop (and use the discount code), and "like" them on Facebook :-)

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the product(s) mentioned in this post for review purposes only. We were not offered monetary compensation for review, and our opinion is 100% our own. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Prayer and Thought Request

I know it seems like things are always up and down around our household, but I need some support from anyone willing to help. Jer has been suffering from back pain and swelling since he was last home 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with a pulled muscle and sent back on the road with an anti-inflammatory medication. Through his phone calls each day he expressed how nothing was helping and made an appointment to be seen when he came home again. He made it home last Friday but couldn't get into the clinic until this morning. He had an ultrasound to check if he was having issues with his gallbladder but the tests came back negative. Another appointment this afternoon, he was given x-rays, which showed fluid filling his right lung and part of his left, as well as starting to surround his heart. A consult with another Dr in the clinic and a call to a Dr (which happens to be my dads Dr) from an entirely different clinic/hospital group gave the potential diagnosis of either Lupus or Leukemia. 

Jer is going in for surgery tomorrow afternoon so the surgeon can attempt to remove as much fluid as possible from his lungs and heart, and explore the area for a potential mass that may also be in the area of swelling on his back.

Please keep him in your prayers, and you don't pray, just please think of him and that he makes it through everything alright tomorrow. Please hope/pray that his health is not as terrible as they are thinking it is, and if it really is Lupus or Leukemia, that they are able to treat him and his health doesn't deteriorate.

The few years we've been able to be together and start a family together has been the best of both our lives. I ask you all to please use the power of thought and prayer to keep us together as a family, and for a quick recovery for Jer.