Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Baby and His Chi's Are Moving!

And so are me and Jer! LOL

There's been a lot going on at our home lately, and it's [past] due time for an update about us!

Jer started a new job mid-March and it's still going great! We've had some bad mold in our apartment and fluctuating rent, so we've decided against the newly opened 2-bedroom and decided to move all-together. We're moving back into a town-home, in the next town over (big move, right?). Buggie will have his own room, though it will probably just have his toys, and I think his crib will still be in our room. 2 bathrooms instead of our current 1. Detached garage, laundry hook-ups, and (drum-roll please....) a DISHWASHER!!! Yes folks, my biggest selling point lol! I despise washing dishes, almost as much as I hate cooking. The big move will be taking place the weekend of April 27th. Along with spending the last days until the 1st cleaning our apartment so we *hopefully* get all of our security deposit back.

Now for some sad news that is even more past due... We also re-homed our beloved chihuahua, Jack, last month. With his separation anxiety, tiny 7 pound body, and Bug being the rough'n'tumble boy toddler that he is, we decided with a very heavy heart that it was the best thing for him. We've still having a hard time dealing, but we know he's much happier in his new home. Venus had a rough time at first, but she almost seems like a better dog being the only dog now. I think she thrives on the extra attention.

With all these things going on, I've still got a few reviews and giveaway's in the mix, so please remember to check back often, and check out the current giveaways on the left sidebar if you haven't already!

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