Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kissed By The Moon: Green Line Diapers #Review

There's been a buzz around the cloth diapering world lately about Green Line Diapers. I kept hearing about the "cute prints" and "soft inserts" and had to know more! I got in touch with Tami from Kissed by the Moon and after a little hassle from good ol' USPS I got a chance to try out a Green Line Diaper cover and soaker for myself.

Green Line Diaper covers are lovingly made by a husband and wife in Canada. Kissed by the Moon is the only retailer in the United States who sells them. An added perk is that Kissed by the Moon also offers free shipping on all orders, and they have a rewards program!

Green Line covers are made from Ultrex, not PUL, so they truly are breathable, which means you may feel a cool dampness once the soaker is wet as the diaper "breathes." This is something that I really do love about them, because it means Buggie won't get a heat rash like he does with regular PUL diapers. The one size covers also only come in aplix, but this is the stickiest aplix I have ever seen. Green Line does recommend hand washing the covers to keep both the aplix and the Ultrex in tip-top shape. I recently purchased a Breathing Mobile Washer, so this has been fairly easy!

My only complaint about the cover is something that is also handy the other half of the time. Green Line covers do not have any elastic. I've been able to get a good, custom fit around the legs with the toggle and cord adjustments. You also don't have to worry about any elastic wearing out. However, Bug finds it completely necessary to poop every - single - time he wears this cover and after the antibiotics from surgery and then having the flu, it has been leaking out... Which is also why I haven't been able to get any pictures of his wearing the cover either. He poops before I can get the camera out. I know he'll grow out of this eventually though! :)

The soakers I have no complains about. They are so soft! Even if I hand wash and hang to dry, it never felt rough. It's a single layer of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton blend, so it absorbs well with tri-folded then folded down to fit, but it's super easy to clean too!

Tami is generously offering a $20 gift card to her store! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. {CLOSED}

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