Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You Use Disposable Diapers? I Need Your Help!

Alright, so you all know I cloth diaper, and I use coin laundry in my apartment, but I am in need of some help from mama's who use or have used disposable diapers on their little ones. I'm trying to work on an article about washing diapers with coin operated laundry facilities vs real costs from families who use disposables. I know there are so many different brands out there, so I encourage you to pass this post along and get as many people to fill this out as you can.


  1. I use cloth now, but we started with sposies. I also used to wash my diapers in coin-op laundry. It cost me about $3 a load but because I rinsed my diapers by hand, I could go longer between washes and only wash twice a week. So it cost me $6 a week (or $24 a month) to wash diapers. That's way less than what I would spend for sposies a month! (Easily $70+ for sposies)

    It IS possible to CD while paying for laundry, and I found rinsing by hand to be the best way to save money.

  2. Disposable diapers rule! But mom always said that cloth diapers are best. That's probably because she never had the choice of disposables that are available today.
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