Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've had issues with shipping services before, but the last few days have been ridiculous! I won a 16x20" print from and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. When FedEx Home tracking said it would be delivered this past Thursday, I made it a point to stay home all day so I could see it right away. The day came and went and before I knew it, tracking told me a delivery had been attempted but I wasn't home. Hmmm.... you'd think I would have noticed if I left home or not...

Friday came and went and the same thing happened, so I called FedEx. They asked for a number to call me back at after they reached their driver and I never heard back. What next? I called UPrinting directly. They weren't much help either. After explaining what happened, what the tracking was saying, and what really happened, they simply told me that delivery had been attempted but I wasn't home. Again, even they knew I wasn't home but I could have sworn I was...

They asked me to make sure I was home today and delivery would be made by 12:30pm. It's now 1:30. I called FedEx and they told me the past 2 days my package was still on a ground freight truck, and today will be the first day for delivery! What changed since yesterday? Unable to answer any further questions, I called UPrinting again. Who once again, argued with me that I had not been home to receive my package the past 2 days. I proceeded to tell them what FedEx told me, and it fell on deaf ears. I asked if they can send it back to me via USPS if FedEx sends it back and they told me I should have waited to receive it at home! What am I, invisible?

I'm hesitant to enter any more giveaways! I don't like calling people dumb, especially people I haven't even met, but good grief!

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  1. I share your disdain for fedex. I am a stay at home mom, I have 4 young boys home with me during the day, we seldom venture out. I have had 2 shipments recently that have been marked as "undeliverable" because no one was home to receive the shipment. I was home, I had all of the curtains facing the road open so I could meet him at the door, and when they claimed I missed my delivery, I was OUTSIDE greeting my mom as she arrived for an out of town visit. Earlier that same week the fedex delivery driver left a large package in the rain, on the front porch, directly under the "please use side door" sign, and the delivery notification was stuck to the box itself. He didn't knock, just gave drop and run.

    It makes me wonder what the driver policies are that make them feel the need to cut corners and mark so many deliveries as though we are the ones not home rather than the drivers not even stopping at our homes.